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Dull Blade

Posted by bmac on January 25, 2008

Reading this thing about Wesley Snipes tax problems, I just can’t help but laugh. From my understanding, Snipes got involved with tax protest groups, who seem to have convinced him that the Government cannot legally make you pay taxes.

Wesley Snipes has earned $38 million dollars in the course of his career. A huge accomplishment, no matter what you may think of him. He was obviously talented enough, and smart enough to become incredibly wealthy in a career that most of the people who attempt, will never even be able to make a living in.


How is it he could be so ignorant with something so obvious? How could you be so competent in one thing, and so unbelievably naive and stupid in another?

Co-defendants Eddie Ray Kahn, founder of the tax protest groups American Rights Litigators and Guiding Light of God Ministries, and Douglas P. Rosile, who allegedly prepared Snipes’ false documents, face up to 10 years.

Prosecutors say Snipes paid taxes in the ’90s, but changed his mind after meeting Kahn in 2000. He allegedly stopped filing returns, illegally sought $11 million in 1996 and 1997 taxes paid and drew fake checks to pay the U.S. Treasury.

How, on Gods Green Earth, did he think he was gonna get away with this shit? Does the name Wille Nelson mean anything to you Wesley? Then there’s this:

Actor Wesley Snipes, in a letter sent to the Internal Revenue Service after his indictment in 2006, declared himself “a nonresident alien” of the United States and claimed the Internal Revenue Service seeks to “terrorize, enslave, rape or pillage” taxpayers, according to a report in the Ocala Star-Banner.

That’s a good idea, call the IRS “terrorists” when you’re in tax trouble.

The “Blade” star sent the letter on Dec. 4, 2006, following his indictment earlier that year on tax fraud charges. He also delivered a stern warning that continued prosecution would result in “significant personal liability” for federal employees who pursued him, according to the report.

“Warning – pursuit of such a high profile target will open the door for your increased collateral risk,” Snipes wrote in the letter, which was read into the court record Thursday at Snipes’ trial. “I certainly don’t believe this is in your best interest.”

Wow. Why didn’t he just say “Hey guys, make sure you look under my mattress, cause I’ve got a couple million in cash, and there’s some offshore accounts you might want to look into as well, and please be sure to attach all my future earnings, that is, if I don’t go to jail wink wink.”

I don’t get it man, I just don’t get it. He’s not exactly a bankable star anymore, I would think his biggest earning days are behind him, so good job Wes, antagonize the IRS, and make sure future producers and directors know you’re batshit crazy.

2 Responses to “Dull Blade”

  1. cranky said

    He screwed himself. That’s gotta hurt.

  2. Just another in the long line of those coming to you from “Hollyweird” that believe themselves to be untouchable by any laws of man.

    The saddest part is, the system seems to confirm those feelings. Look at the sentences those from “The Land of the Loonies” receive when breaking laws that us lesser peons would be flogged for!

    This may be Wesley’s government-issued silver bullet!

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