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A Death In The Family

Posted by bmac on January 28, 2008

Early Saturday morning, we lost my wife’s mother, Victoria. It was not unexpected, as she has been seriously ill for the last 3 years, but still, you’re never fully prepared for that, and I’m not sure it’s really even sunk in yet.

Actually, it’s a kind of a blessing. Victoria was a Christian Scientist. (NOT a Scientologist). Christain Scientists do not believe in the use of medicine, or doctors, and without going into the gruesome details, Victoria was suffering the last few years without so much as an asprin to ease her pain. That pain is finally gone, and for that, we’re grateful. I will say this, no matter how you feel about religion, the power of prayer is real, and I’ve seen what it can do over the last 3 years.

On the other hand, my wife has endured the mental pain of seeing, and knowing her mother was suffering every day for the last 3 years as well, and not being able to do anything about it beyond creature comforts. She has been amazing through all this, there just are not words to describe how much I love and respect her. She chose not to be a Christian Scientist when she turned 18, but she was raised that way, and she respects the religion, and she respected her mothers devotion to it, as did I. But it’s not easy. 

It’s been a tough 3 years.

It’s kind of strange the way things work out. I’m also in the process of closing my business after 3 years. I’m choosing to look at that as a blessing too. Just decided to do it about three weeks ago.  Everything is happening at once, but that’s life isn’t it?

Right now, snarking about politics and news just don’t seem so important, so blogging will be light, and probably a bit more personal in the coming weeks. Our lives are changing dramatically as I type this, so I have no idea where everything is headed right now, it’s like living in the middle of a tornado. Has been for awhile, I’ve just chosen not to blog about too much personal stuff. That’ll probably be changing, because I consider some of you guys friends. Fake internet friends, (joking) but friends nonetheless, and we need all the friends we can get right about now!

22 Responses to “A Death In The Family”

  1. nicedeb said

    Condolences, bmac.

    I’ll be checking in on you, every day, nonetheless.

  2. Ryan said

    My condolences, big guy.

    it’s always hard, even when it’s “expected.”

  3. Rosetta said

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, bmac.

    And you have lots of real friends out here, me included.

  4. Enas Yorl said

    I’m sorry for your loss Bmac – my thoughts are with you and your wife.

  5. bmac said

    Deb, Ryan, Rosetta, Enas-
    Thank you guys, your thoughts are more appreciated than you know.

  6. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Praise God for the end of your mother-in-law’s suffering. I will be praying for your wife and you in your time of grief.

    I hope, if nothing else, you will keep a personal journal of the storm your family is currently going through. For yourself. Because one day you will be at the end of it, and you are going to want to look back and see what it is you have survived.

    I’ll miss your pithy wit, but know you will weather this well.


  7. I’ll be thinking about you & G, bmac. Y’all take care of each other.

  8. Ed said

    Sorry for the loss. I will light a candle tonight in honor of Victoria. Stay strong.

  9. bmac said

    Thank you. As far as a journal, I’m not sure I really want to remember too much about the last couple years, to be honest. I may change my mind after I get a little distance however.
    Thanks man, the positive about all the stuff that’s been happening, is my marriage has never been stronger. I’m a really lucky guy, that married the right girl.
    Haven’t seen you in a while, hope all is well, and thank you.

  10. eddiebear said

    Sorry to hear the news. I wish you and yours the best as you cope.

    Take care, and peace.

  11. eddiebear said

    I am not the most religious of folks, but this piece written by Pope John Paul II always can provide some comfort

    Take care.

  12. bmac said

    That is really enlightening Eddie, thank you.
    And thanks for the kind words.

  13. Oh Bmac, I’m so, so sorry for you and your wife.

  14. bmac said

    Thank you PJ.

  15. eddiebear said

    sometimes my Catholicism still comes through. Take care.

  16. wiserbud said

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, bmac.

  17. bmac said

    Thank you Wiser, we really appreciate that.

  18. cranky said

    B. and G., I’m sorry to hear the news. I know how devoted you all were to G’s mom. God bless all of you.

  19. debbie said

    Sorry for your loss. I hope you will find strenght in your wife’s strenght, she seems to be a very strong person. Take care.

  20. debbie said

    I meant strength, of course, I have a german keyboard!!!
    But anyway, life goes on….

  21. PattyAnn said

    Sorry to hear this, bmac. Thoughts and prayers for your family.

  22. bmac said

    Cranky, Debbie, Patty Ann,
    Thank you.

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