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Post Deleted Due To Excess Grumpiness

Posted by bmac on January 18, 2008

I decided to delete my last post, because as Enas Yorl pointed out to me, it was quite Grumpy. An excess of Grump. It was Grumptastic. Just too damn Grumpy.

And negative. I tend to be a bit negative, and sometimes it comes out a little too harsh, and it just bugged me, so I took it down. Apologies to anyone who really enjoys a certain amount of vitriol, but I’d like to at least try and present a more positive vibe here, and that one was a little over the top.

Also, apologies to everyone that took the time to leave a comment, I wish I could have left them up.

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On Nifong…

Posted by bmac on January 16, 2008

Steve H. has a really interesting take on the Nifong thing at Hog On Ice:

People are surprised when I say I no longer support the death penalty. Here is my explanation: Mike Nifong.

Look at what he did, and then tell me you’re positive every inmate on death row is guilty. How many Nifongs have succeeded where this one failed? Now that we have the ability to replicate and analyze DNA, we have disturbing evidence that the number may be very high.

He’s got a point there. Made me think about the death penalty differently. Prosecutors also seem to be on the verge of incompetent most of the time, probably because the big bucks are in defense. It seems like whenever someone has the money for a good defense, prosecutors get eaten alive in court. Had this case gone to trial, I think Nifong would have had his ass handed to him by the lawyers the Duke boys could afford, (unless the jury was prejudicial) but what if they weren’t rich?

The O.J. case comes to mind. Granted, with the jury they had, a conviction was impossible even if they had a video of O.J. cutting his wife’s head off, but those prosecutors were like children compared with O.J.’s lawyers. And this was L.A., The Big Leagues, the very best the city of Los Angeles had to offer prosecute that case, and they were bumbling morons, regardless of the verdict. Or the equally incompetent Judge Ito. 

So think how competent the prosecutors and judges are in most smaller cities. Doesn’t give you much confidence if you think about it. I don’t think there’s a lot of Vincent Bugliosi’s out there.

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American Idol Losing Viewers

Posted by bmac on January 16, 2008

I like American Idol, been watching it from the start. I actually think it’s one of the most wholesome shows out there, that a family can watch together. I like the judges, I even like Ryan Seacrest. In fact, I would even say it frequently espouses conservative values. Most of the contestants confess a belief in God, or outright proclaim their Christianity in their taped segments.

The massive popularity of this show tells me that, contrary to popular belief, Americans want, and will support, wholesome, positive  programming. The popularity of Simon Cowell tells me Americans also appreciate non-politically correct honesty. Hollywood must hate this show.

That being said, it’s getting boring. Especially the first two full weeks of retarded auditions. Some fat hairy guy in a bikini that doesn’t even sing  just ain’t exactly hilarious anymore, especially with the new “nice” Simon Cowell, and I got YouTube now if I want to see people do stupid shit.

You know what else I’m getting tired of? Contestants that are “Doing this for their sick kid” or “Doing this for their sick mom.”  No you’re not, you’re doing it for yourself you self-centered asshole. Go get a memorial tattoo.

No show can sustain the kind of hysteria American Idol has for long, and the contestants are now obviously wise as how to “work” this show, so I’m not surprised at the loss of viewers.

But I still like it.

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Rush Confirms One Of My Fears

Posted by bmac on January 15, 2008

Well, at least I know I’m not crazy.This is a great transcript from Rush Limbaughs radio show, in which he addresses the fact that Republicans are deliberately moving center-left, in an attempt to “redefine the party.” You gotta read the whole thing, because Rush is brilliant, but here’s one little piece, and the quotes are from Newt Gingrich.

don’t know this. It’s just a wild guess, but based on this comment, “The Reagan era is over. The George W. Bush era is over. We’re at a point in time we’re about to start redefining, as a number of people have started talking…” Yes, they are. Every one of these Republicans is starting to talk about redefining the party, and this has been going on since the early days of this, not just now. If you recall, all during last year, I told you this was my big concern: that Reaganism and conservatism were going to be redefined so as to fit the mold of whoever these guys on our primary roster are.

There you go. We are on a very slippery slope to a one party system. Rush really hits the nail on the head with this:

Is their objective, for whatever reason — sour grapes, they don’t think they can win as Republicans because they’re really not Republicans. Is this the objective here, to redefine (or maybe ruin) the Republican Party? Even so, the coalition of Democrats, independents, moderates, the Jell-Os, that is not a coalition. They don’t have a coalition. McCain doesn’t have one. Huckabee doesn’t have one. They want to transform the party into a center-left party like these so-called conservative parties in Europe, and to do that, they’ve gotta say, “The Reagan era is over,”

Scary stuff. You know, I’ve sat and watched the last four years, as Republicans have remained silent as Bush was getting blamed for Katrina, remained silent as Harry Reid said the war is lost, remained silent as Chavez called Bush the devil. I thought maybe they were just letting the Dems dig their own hole. I’m not so sure anymore. The Dems have provided so much political fodder for Republicans to capitalize on, that the fact they failed to do so is…..well it seems intentional.

If Thompson can’t pull this nomination out of his ass, we’re in deep trouble folks. A Democrat or a RINO in the White House is gonna be disastrous for this country, and could very well be the final nail in the coffin for the Republican party as we know it.

On the plus side, maybe we can start a Conservative Party.

We’re gonna need it.

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Hillary On Illegals-Like Guacomole On A Chip

Posted by bmac on January 12, 2008

Hillary is campaigning in my home city of Las Vegas this week in preparation of the Nevada caucus. What’s always amusing to me, is most of these jackasses come here and mis-pronounce Nevada. The proper pronounciation is long A’s, like ant. Not like August. They always screw that up.

Anyhoo, Hillary dropped a couple doozies, I’d like to share with you. She went straight for one of the Hispanic neighborhoods, to begin her pander-a-thon, and we got this brilliant sound-bite:

A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal.

“No woman is illegal,” Clinton said, to cheers.

The “opening in the wall” thing is because they were in a Mexican restaurant.

 So now we know Clintons position on immigration: All women here illegally get instant citizenship. They seemed to like that answer. Isn’t it nice that someone can shout out to a Presidential candidate and a ton of media that his wife is breaking the law? How about “My wife is collecting disability, and she’s fine!” Or “I sell crack!”

She then went on to address the “unscrupulous” lending crisis, in which people are not responsible for buying homes they can’t even begin to afford.

Clinton said unscrupulous lending leads to bad mortgages, which lead to foreclosures, which lead to people with nowhere to go and vacant neighborhoods that can go rapidly downhill.

“We treat these problems as if one is guacamole and one is chips, when … they both go together,” she said.

Oh man, could she possibly be more condescending? It doesn’t even make sense! She might as well have said something like: “It’s like a burrito, there’s many layers, but they all taste good once they’re wrapped in a delicious hand-made flour tortilla.” Or: “We treat these problems as if they’re a Low-Rider without hydrolics.” I’m surprised she didn’t call everybody “homes.”

The only good thing here? Most of the people she spoke with, won’t even vote.

Here’s the story.

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Tom Hanks Really Cares……..About The Oscars

Posted by bmac on January 10, 2008

God I hate celebrities. Tom Hanks is urging an end to the writers strike,  so listen up corporate BigWigs.

The show must go on, that is one of the tenets of everything,” Hanks told Reuters in London.“I am a member of the board of governors of the Academy, and we definitely want to put on a great show and honor the films that have come out in the course of the year,” he said on the red carpet at the premiere of his film “Charlie Wilson’s War.”

Translation: “The Oscars are the single most important event in the known universe, how DARE this show, that means so much to so many, be put on hold.”

Hanks said corporate bosses should remember that many people, from carpenters to caterers, were suffering as a result of the strike by about 10,500 Writers Guild of America members over their dispute with major film and TV studios.

“There are caterers and carpenters … and electricians and gaffers,” the 51-year-old said. “There are a lot of people out there associated with the industry, for whom the sooner this work stoppage is over the better.

Yeah, especially if that “sooner” is in time for your precious Oscars eh Tom? God forbid we don’t get to “Honor the films that came out this year.” Truly tragic.


 Here’s where Tom goes into his best “Aw shucks, I’m just a regular guy, and even though I’m worth 90 billion dollars,  I don’t know how no dang old corporation works” routine:

“I just hope that the big guys who make big decisions up high in their corporate boardrooms and what not get down to honest bargaining and everyone can get back to work.”

What a condescending dick. Fuck you Tom Hanks, I sincerely hope you and every other self-important actor don’t get your precious Oscars this year. If Tom cared so much about the little people, I would expect him to say something like, “If we have to sacrifice the Oscars this year, so be it, to support the writers.” But he didn’t say anything like that, instead, he’s just worried about the strike being over soon enough for him and his peers to engage in the gigantic circle jerk of self-appreciation that is the Oscars.

Turns out, nobody really missed the Golden Globes and the People’s Choice awards all that much, so I love that the only ones really suffering here are the attention whore actors. The Oscars always suck anyway.

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A Little Break From Politics…..

Posted by bmac on January 10, 2008

I was a total Prog-Rock Dork when I was younger, and I loved King Crimson, especially this version of King Crimson from 1981. On guitar and vocals, the amazing Adrian Belew, (also played with Zappa, and the Tom Tom Club) who throws down some wicked guitar histrionics in this clip, “Elephant Talk.” Adrian brilliantly utilizes every trick in the book, including the kitchen sink. He’s the one in the pink suit, keep an eye on him, he sneaks in a lot of cool stuff when you’re not looking.

On drums, one of my favorites, Bill Bruford, who most people know from Yes, but has played with just about every prog rock legend.  On bass (or in this case, the Chapman Stick) Tony Levin, another prog journeyman. And lastly, also on guitar, the super-precise, utterly soulless, machine-like stylings of  Robert Fripp.

May not be for the faint of heart, but if you like adventurous music, enjoy!

Actually, if you listen to the lyrics, they fit the current state of politics perfectly.

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Republican Party? What Republican Party?

Posted by bmac on January 9, 2008

Is the Republican Party dead? When Republicans are willing to cast a vote for Barack Obama in an election year that should have been an easy coast to victory, I’d say yes. The staggering incompetence of the RNC to unite a base that is frankly, pretty easy to unite, just boggles my mind.

Guns, God, Borders, National Security. Pretty simple. How have they managed to fuck this up so bad? How do we fix it? Is it fixable? I get the distinct impression Republican politicians DO NOT CARE that their base is in disarray. Most sitting Senators and Congressman aren’t going anywhere for the next four years, so maybe that’s it. They just don’t seem to fear losing seats.

Maybe they want to lose, and have a Dem President take us to CarterLand so they can ride in on a white horse in 2012 and save us. What a weird election year, both parties are trying to lose. Dems put up unelectable candidates, and Republicans put up base splitting candidates that are so bad, we’re willing to sleep with the enemy. The most powerful job in the world is up for grabs and nobody wants it. Well, Hillary wants it, but she’ll never get it. 

While both parties go out of their way to lose the Presidency, either way, we all lose. If a Dem gets the Hot Potato, we’ll surely go into a four year nightmare of Carter-like proportions. If a Repub gets it, we can kiss the borders goodbye, and the already on-the-ropes party will be utterly destroyed by four more years of MSM and Dem whining, even though whoever the winner is will be even more liberal than Bush, and most of us will be so fed up with pseudo Republicans that I see a mass ship-jumping to Independent.

Basically, we are all gonna be sacrificed for the next four years on the altar of “look how bad they are.” My opinion is, nobody really wants the first post-Bush Presidency, and we’re going to pay the price.

Maybe I’m wrong, and all our politicians have simply become such elitists, that they’re completely disengaged with the American people, and what they want, and that goes for both parties. Or, the Republican Party has decided to use the next four years to rebuild, at our expense of course.

I just don’t know anymore.

H/T NiceDeb and Cuffy

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One Less Pompous Award Show To Suffer

Posted by bmac on January 7, 2008

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the Golden Globes have been cancelled. I’m truly amazed that the Centers Of The Universe (actors) are willing to give up the biggest night (second only to the Oscars) of ass-kissing, $200,000 gift bags, free designer clothes and jewelry, and the adoration of the world.

And you know what? Contrary to what Entertainment Tonite, or Extra! says, the world won’t end. People’s lives will actually continue to have meaning without the Golden Globes. Well, except for Joan Rivers and her mini-me. But I think for everybody else, the sun will continue to rise, and maybe, just maybe, some people will realize that caring so much about vapid actors, and “who they’re wearing” is not that important after all.

On the subject of the writers strike, this is kind of interesting. Towards the end there, Jimmy Kimmel seems to be getting a little pissed at the writers.

“I don’t want to depart too much from the party line, but I think it’s ridiculous,” he said on his first night back of the strike and SAG’s insistence that members avoid the late-night shows that did not score a WGA-sanctioned agreement. “Jay Leno, he paid his staff while they were out. Conan did the same thing. I don’t know. I just think at a certain point you back off a little bit.”

Later, he stripped his opinions of all party-line vestiges, saying flat out, “I’m pissed off, I’ll be honest with you.”


Jimmy’s a good guy. I like him even more now. These shows employ hundreds of people, and it’s ridiculous for all those people to lose pay over a handful of writers that aren’t exactly brilliant. 

I’ve been checking out Leno and Kimmel since they’ve been back, and I honestly see no difference in the quality of their monologues, as when they had a team of writers. That’s gotta piss them off as well, to be paying a TEAM of writers, that are no funnier than they are all by themselves. In fact, many bloggers are funnier every day than Leno’s “written” monologue, and they do it for free.

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Call Me Crazy……

Posted by bmac on January 4, 2008

You know what just boggles my mind?

It boggles my mind that the Democrats have handed Republicans a “gimme” in 08. For all their bluster and hyperbole, all the BDS, all the anti war, anti Republican rhetoric, they have thrown this election, like a boxer throwing a fight.

They did that by offering up completely un-electable candidates. Some people would say anythings possible. I say some things are impossible. It’s impossible for Hilary, Obama, or Edwards to be the next President of the United States. It’s as impossible as me growing a second head. It’s just not gonna happen, for reasons I’ve gone into on this blog many times.

I refuse to believe that Democratic strategists didn’t realize that fact. There’s idealism, and then there’s reality, and a lot of people get paid very well to deal in reality, so you can’t tell me the Dem strategists and advisors didn’t have major reservations about putting up a woman and a black man in a crucial election year, a year when they have control of the house. It just doesn’t make sense. Even a turd like John Kerry could wipe the floor with these candidates.

That is, unless they intended to lose all along. Which is the only conclusion I can come to, the only conclusion any reasonable person can come to. A Republican President in 08 guarantees four more years for Democrats to do what they do best, which is bitching, sniping, crying victim, and not having to actually do anything, or take any real responsibility. Skills they’ve come to rely on after eight years of Bush.

What has been the Republican response to such an obvious “freebie?” They’ve given us squishy  RINO’s. Why? Could it be there’s no Karl Roves out there that could see the opportunity that the Dems handed to them? Of any election year for Republicans to define their party and offer up what has been proven time and time again, what Americans want, a conservative Republican, they pick this year, a year that is a lock, to offer up the weakest Republicans we’ve seen in my lifetime. A chance to really further the Republican agenda with a strong leader has been squandered, practically given away by the base-splitting, flip flopping, insane, and nearly un-electable cultists we’ve been served up on a “Hey they have an R after their name, isn’t that good enough for you?” platform.

Candidates like Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, actual Republicans, were jettisoned early on in favor of, and I use this term loosely, more “moderate” candidates. Clearly, this is the direction the party wishes to take.

I offer a quote from one of my favorite bloggers Mr. Stephen Browne:

How often have you, after examining the evidence reached a conclusion that was uncomfortable, unsettling or profoundly disturbing to you, i.e. reached a conclusion that you did not like?

He calls these unsettling conclusions “uncomfortable thoughts.” I’ve been having these uncomfortable thoughts about Republicans for four years now. Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems to me, Republicans have systematically been moving to the left. Spending, immigration, everything except Iraq and taxes, there is almost no line between the parties anymore, at least as far as I can see. Republicans have become Democrats that don’t say stupid things out loud.

My uncomfortable thought is that we’re slowly merging into a one party system. A system where the only significant difference between politicians is an R or D after their name. A system where ideologically, they have much more in common then not.

Are any Republicans excited about an election that’s in the bag? Not really. Why do you think that is? Could it be because our choices are limited to candidates that don’t really represent traditional Republican values? Of course it is. We’re all gonna be forced to cast a vote for a President based only on the fact he doesn’t have a D after his name.

At the end of the day, what’s the difference? A RINO or a Democrat are the same to me, and maybe that’s the idea.

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