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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Posted by bmac on February 8, 2008

What a week. The Republicans finally did it. They finally removed the thorn in their paw, otherwise known as conservativism. It didn’t just work out that way, this was a coup. They saw an opening, and ran for daylight. We have been disenfranchised, pushed out, cast aside.

Do we now reward them by doing our duty and voting for the R? Do we “suck it up” and “get in line,” “hold our nose” for the “lesser of two evils?” Do we give them the green light, and send them the message that we’ll grudgingly take whatever they choose to piss down on us?

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Ok, let’s say we do that. In four years, we’ll have an entire party of McCains. How would that be? Someone on talk radio put it in a term that made sense:

Do you vote for the guy that’s 100% for slavery, or the guy that’s 95% for slavery?

We lost something on Tuesday that we’ll never get back: Choice. One more step toward not having a say in our own country. As conservatives, we no longer have a voice in American politics, and that’s no accident. This was a well orchestrated ousting of conservatism.

I’m so disgusted by Republicans. They’ve been cowardly hiding for the last four years, not standing up for any of the principles we elected them for. Perhaps they had a plan all along, and I said as much last May.

This is it. This is the moment. If there ever was a time for a realistic third party, the time is now, or forever hold your tongue. It’s make or break time in American politics.

If we just put McCain in the White House because he’s 5% better than Hillary, then we accept and deserve the one party system we’re gonna have.

I can’t do it. I will not vote for McCain, and I will not vote Democrat. I’m not going to sell out my country and my soul by inches at a time.

All I can do, is try to convince people that we need a Conservative Party in this country. How do I do that? I have no clue. But I can’t participate in the willful destruction of what I believe is the essence of America: Choice. I won’t.

If Hillary gets elected, so be it. Things are gonna get a lot worse before they get better, and we just have to deal with that. We can sit and watch, or we can do something about it, and voting for McCain ain’t gonna fix anything.

The reality is, for conservatives, there is no “lesser of two evils” here. We lose either way, and losing is losing.

So you guys tell me, is it possible to start a Conservative Party? Can conservatives stop attacking each other over small differences? Can we agree on enough to be a viable third party in this country? And by the way, Libertarians need not apply.

Or do we just accept that this country is on it’s way to becoming France.

Without the culture and stinky cheese.

All the anger and frustration we all feel could be put to a better use than hoping a McCain victory will somehow work out for us in the long run. Because it won’t. And I think we all know that.

11 Responses to “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?”

  1. Anyone with half a brain can see that hoping “a McCain victory will somehow work out for us in the dlong run” is futile. We are only doomed because we, the people, have allowed ourselves to be doomed.

    Many years ago, we became convinced that the government ran us – that it is a powerful conglomerate that cannot be tamed. What people have forgotten is that WE own the government, the government doesn’t own us. Pick up a Constitution and you can clearly see that it is the case. Oh, and it would be nice if people could remember that the government has NO money! They are not a business run at a profit, with us being stockholders. No! The money they spend so freely is our money, many times taken from us because we have allowed it to get to that point.

    What it will take for a ‘third party’ is for one of the candidates who really have something to stand for to continue to stand. It will take a Mike Huckabee, or a Ron Paul. It will take the people who support their ideas to SUPPORT their ideas! This means money, time – you know the work that we no longer like to do! If enough people would gather together, there would be a ground-swell. If enough people wrote in the same third party candidate, there would be a commotion. You cannot ignore an earthquake, and that’s what we need to do. We need to shake it up!

    Will it change this election? Probably not, unless we determine it CAN change this election! Goodness! Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans stood up and showed the backbone and fortitude that makes other nations want to immigrate here in the first place?

    Okay, I’m gonna hop off that soapbox now. I’m just sayin’……..

  2. Rosetta said


    I just heard from cranky that Kramer has gone to dog heaven.

    My thoughts are with you and mrs bmac as I know he was such a big part of your family.

    Hopefully your grief will be short lived and you can remember Kramer for all the joy he brought to your lives.

  3. I’m so, so sorry for you guys. Two deaths so close to each other. Just awful. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. nicedeb said

    So sorry to hear the news, bmac. We all know how much you two loved that dog.

  5. bmac said

    Thanks guys. I didn’t want to post about it because I don’t wanna be the damn “bad news blog.”
    Been a tough month………

  6. Enas Yorl said

    Oh man – I just read the e-mail your wife sent out. I’m really sorry for you guys. He had been doing so well too. Y’all take care, and I hope things start looking up for you soon.

  7. PattyAnn said

    Add me to those thinking of you, too, Mr & Mrs bmac.

  8. in2thefray said

    “…So you guys tell me, is it possible to start a Conservative Party? Can conservatives stop attacking each other over small differences? Can we agree on enough to be a viable third party in this country?” Is it possible to define conservatism without the one or two big issues off the table ?

  9. Shit, bmac. I just found out about Kramer at cranky’s — I’m so sorry.

  10. John Ryan said

    Conservatives could not even nominate Fred!

  11. Arnemo said

    To: bmac.
    I was fuming about this earlier (during a shouting match “with” Rush). How do those guys get on who say “Oh, Wow Rush, I’m a first time caller and I’ve only been listening to you for 5 minutes”? Anyway, I think Rush’s friends are all in the tank for the very Country Club Repubs who support McCain and that colors his lack of interest in a Third Party. But maybe he’s right. I noticed that you got more replies about your dog (sorry to hear, I’ve lost one or two in my life, its tough) than about a third party start-up. If you’d been swamped to the point that this blog wouldn’t even work, I’d say there was a chance. However, looking for a candidate politician to carry the Conservative banner is a bad deal. In my book politician and “dirty lying scum” is saying pretty much the same thing; regardless of party. What does it matter what the Constitution says when the Supreme Court says it means what THEY says it means. Have you seen Suiter ousted from his home yet by eminent domain? Glad I’m almost 65 without too much time left to suffer in this lousy, but still best, country in the world. “We coulda been a contender!”

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