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Posted by bmac on February 14, 2008


This was a tough one. Losing Kramer totally wrecked Mrs bmac and I. In a strange way, it was harder than losing my mother in law, and I hope that doesn’t sound callous. I think pet people understand. Or maybe we’re just like exposed nerve endings right now, I don’t know.

We’re involved with a German Shorthair Pointer rescue in California, and one of the people there told us that when you lose a pet, there’s no bad memories, there were no harsh words or hurt feelings. It’s probably more like losing a child than losing a parent. That helps make sense to me as to why we’re so crushed.

Kramer was a tough little son of a bitch. He beat cancer twice. He also had sedacious carcinoma (not sure if that’s what you call it) cancer when he was younger, which were lumps just under his skin that we got removed fairly easily. He had a lot of scars. When he was younger, he ran chest first into a piece of rebar, and punched a hole in his chest, and promptly wanted a cookie. Like I said, he was tough.

The life force in this dog was incredible, and even though we still have two dogs here, the house seems empty without his energy. While most dogs came out of chemo treatments sluggish and tired, Kramer came running out, ready to go for a ride and play.

Cancer couldn’t take him, injuries wouldn’t faze him, and ultimately his heart just couldn’t keep up with how big it needed to be for his boundless energy and will.

Thank you guys for all of your kind words. Many of you helped us get 6 more months with Kramer, and for that we’re forever grateful.

I’m just gonna take a little break from blogging, maybe a week or two. The last month has been a bit overwhelming, and we have a lot of stuff to tend to.

Thanks again you guys, and I’ll see ya in a week or so.

5 Responses to “Kramer”

  1. mesablue said

    Take care.

    We’ll be here when you get back.

  2. cranky said

    Hey, God bless you Kramer. Look after Nala for me.

    bmac, I know what you mean. Losing Nala was every bit as bad, in some ways worse, as losing my mother and father. Thinking of you all.

  3. eddiebear said

    Take care. And always savor the extra time you had with Kramer.

  4. I’m so sorry. I understand how heart broken you must be.

  5. Rosetta said

    My thoughts are with you bmac. I’m sure Kramer gets a special fire hydrant in heaven because he faced so many challenges in our world.

    You now have another angel looking over you.

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