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I’m Back (Mostly)

Posted by bmac on February 21, 2008

Howdy Y’all!

Things are starting to return to normal around here, although the definition of normal would be more like: no major life-altering developments in at least two whole weeks, as opposed to “normal.” We have to establish a whole new normal before things can actually be normal, if that makes any sense.

Let’s see, what’s happened since I’ve been gone?

Universities seem to be one of the most dangerous places to be these days. If my wife and I had kids in college, they’d be armed. “Gun free zone” or not. What exactly are universities doing to reassure parents that their kid won’t be assassinated during English Lit? College campuses are becoming fucking killing fields, and campus security ain’t gonna risk their $10.00/hr asses to do anything about a murderous kid with a death wish.

Hell, the police won’t either. By the time they’ve finished their “risk assessment,” 500 rounds have been fired.

I’ll never forget a video I saw from Columbine of the SWAT team inching their way across the cafeteria with full body armor and shields. It must have taken them a full half hour to cross that cafeteria the way they were moving. Pathetic. Am I insane, or when kids are getting shot, should some cops have enough balls to run in ala Jack Bauer and fucking handle it? 400 cops outside staring at maps while kids are being picked off like bugs. Has bureaucracy taken away all the basic instincts to help people that are being murdered while literally hundreds of law enforcement stand there and listen to it happen?

Let’s see, what else? Obama’s gonna be the Dem nominee. The Paris Hilton of politics, famous for doing nothing. Even his biggest supporters stumble when asked what he’s ever accomplished. I gotta admit, I didn’t see that one coming. It does make sense though, who really thought that screechy, shrill, awful woman could get elected? Above all else, a Presidential candidate has to have a likeable personality. Well, except maybe Nixon. But every other President in my lifetime has been someone the average American would like to have a beer with. Or a cigar (IYKWIM) It’s a popularity contest more than anything, and Obama is the cool, good lookin’ head of the debate team guy, to Hillary’s dorky, angry, band-camp chick.

Obama will be crushed in the general. Crushed. But the media will fudge the numbers somehow, so it doesn’t look like America is full of redneck hillbillies.

Eventually, he’ll have to talk about something other than vague platitudes, and that will do him in.

That, and the fact that he’s black. With a Muslim name. Trust me, even Democrats will think twice when they step into that voting booth and see the name “Barack Hussein Obama” on the ballot they’re about to cast. And then they’ll promptly lie about it to pollsters.

Obama will have the highest exit poll numbers in history.

The media will be scratching their collective heads when the actual numbers get tallied. It’ll be the old “but everybody I know voted for him.”

9 Responses to “I’m Back (Mostly)”

  1. nicedeb said

    Welcome back.

    And I’m not so sure about the general, myself. McCain has his work cut out for him; he’s not a terribly likable personality, himself, conservatives hate him, he’s ancient, he’s got that 100 years on Iraq comment they’re gonna keep hitting him over the head on.

    And do not underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

    I don’t see this as an easy cake walk.

  2. Ditto, NIcedeb, but I’m not convinced that Hillary is finished (in her own mind) yet.

    I will not be surprised if she tries less-than-honorable techniques to overturn the apparent Obama choice. She’s wanted to be POTUS forever, and is not going to be easily denied.

  3. bmac said

    It may not be a cake walk, but I’m standing by my belief that Obama is virtually un-electable.

    Racism is the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention, and it’s gonna raise it’s ugly trunk come election day.

    There’s plenty of Democrats over 40 that will never vote for a black man. Probably a lot more than the media, and most younger people think. Racists don’t really broadcast their opinions anymore, but it’s out there. Racism is generational, and people tend not to change their opinions on it that most of them got from their parents. That’s just reality.

    The college age kids don’t vote, and neither do people in their 20’s. So Obama is gonna have to count on older Democrats to get him in, and they’re not all Pinot Grigio sipping rich people riddled with white guilt.

  4. nicedeb said

    I don’t agree, bmac.

    I don’t think race is really an issue, at all. You can see that just from the primaries. Obama’s cleaning her clock; the first woman to run for POTUS, and she’s toast.

    And I think the socialist/commie zeitgeist you see in the pop culture, media and higher learning has got young people all fired up to vote. They did in ’06, they are in the primaries, and I believe they will in November.

    It’s white Republicans who are staying home in droves, this year. They’re the ones I’m worried about.

  5. eddiebear said

    I am not a fan of Maverick, but I have to feel sorry for him in this regard. When him and Obama debate, if Mac hits Jesus 2.0 with hard policy questions, he will turn around and say some bullshit about “hope being more important now than policy”, or the like.

    Also, throw in the media attack machine has already turned on McCain. They will enjoy turning on him and making him feel used and abused by them.

    Finally, throw in the fact many conservatives may sit out while the
    Dem vote fraud get out the vote effort will be immense. Add to this the fact McCain may have to rely upon paid staffers to work the precincts, who aren’t as dedicated as the army of volunteers Bush had. And paid vs volunteer will always come up wanting.

  6. bmac said

    You guys make excellent points, and maybe I’m wrong about the racial thing. It’s just speculation based on personal experience. The media can gloss over this stuff all day long, but it’s something that is always bubbling just under the surface. Many, many times in my life I’ve been taken aback by a racial comment made by someone that I wouldn’t have thought had it in them.

    This combined with the fact that Obama is the most far-left candidate to ever run, one of the least experienced, one of the most outwardly hostile to America (remember not putting his hand on his heart? And his wifes comments)and we’ve yet to hear an actual policy from him.

    I think many Republicans are going to grudgingly vote for McCain, but their not gonna broadcast it, or have bumper stickers and signs in their yard, they’re just gonna show up and vote. In droves.

    Don’t underestimate how many Democrats will vote against Obama either. I’d bet he’s not going to do well in the south.

  7. […] P.S.  Hey, the guy agrees with you, bmac. […]

  8. Stormy70 said

    Obama will be crushed in the general. Bank on it. Obama’s anti-gun stance and academic “blame America” stance will be blasted out to every hill and dale. Plus, he attends an anti-Semitic, afro-centric church. Michelle Obama is already getting on everyone’s nerves.

    Conservatives are already coming around, but will be out in droves based on Obama’s military ignorance and anti-gun past.

    Bmac is right.

  9. in2thefray said

    Good points. I think the press will make it a point to spin the numbers to assure we all look like a red neck nation that hasn’t matured like our Euro bretheren. Take care and welcome back

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