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Would Obama Be The Nominee If He Were White?

Posted by bmac on February 28, 2008

Why are Democrats flocking to a guy that has said nothing, done nothing, and has no real policy? A guy that offers nothing every other Democratic candidate didn’t also offer. A guy with far less experience than just about everybody that was in the running.

White guilt. White guilt is driving Obama’s campaign.

A vote for Obama is a vote against racism. A vote for Obama gives white liberals, especially wealthy white liberals, a chance to atone for the sins of their fathers. It gives them a chance to assure themselves that they are not a racist.

For a typical white liberal, Obama is the dream candidate, for not only do they get to prove to everyone that they are not a racist, to them it’s also a chance to spit in the face of all the rich white men they believe to be oppressors and imperialists, and to have a President with a Muslim name directly following the blashemous invading infidel, George Bush.

For liberals, it’s all about posturing, they rarely walk it like they talk it. For example, conservatives and registered Republicans routinely give more to charity, and donate blood much more than liberals and registered Dems. We all know how hypocritical they are about the environment and global warming.

Obama is the perfect guy for these people. All talk, no action. All image, no substance. To steal a line from a bunch of people smarter than me, he’s the perfect blank slate that every liberal can project their idealistic fantasy onto. With the added bonus for whites of finally getting their non-racist Bona-Fides, and a chance to really prove to the Muslim world that we like them, we really like them. We’re not afraid to have a President with a Muslim name, so hey, we’re cool now right?

When people say race is not an issue in this election, well I’m sorry, with Obama as the nominee, it’s the only issue in this election. Nobody will vote for Obama based on his policy. Republican strategists will have to walk on eggshells when ( and if ) they begin attacking him. This will be the kindest and gentlest Presidential campaign in history. McCain is already holding back, and if Hillary was the frontrunner, his guns would be blazin’.

If you think I’m wrong, ask yourself, everything else being the same, would Obama be the nominee if he were white and had a name like…..Joshua Stein? If he said all the same things, and did all the same things Obama does? If he promised hope and change? Would the media love and praise a Joshua Stein the way they love and praise Obama?

How do you think it would have gone over for John Edwards or Joe Biden if they refused to put their hand over their heart during the national anthem? Or if Bill Clinton said his wife having a shot at the Presidency was the first time he’s been proud of America? Or if Farrakhan had endorsed Hillary?

I think these are reasonable questions to ask, if anyone thinks race is not an issue in this election.

5 Responses to “Would Obama Be The Nominee If He Were White?”

  1. Al Halpern said

    Does Barack Obama scare you?
    So he should because come this November all you fanatical war mongers will be whipped.

  2. bmac said

    Well Al, it seems you couldn’t answer any of my questions.

    Typical liberal, just call me a name.

  3. cranky said

    Al has a cool website: http://dumbo

    Mad props for Al’s self-awareness.

    I wouldn’t vote for a white Marxist. Why would I vote for a half-black Marxist? Since Marxism isn’t a ‘race’ I cannot be a racist. Obama is nothing more than someone who wants to challenge Jimmah Carter for the title of worst president evah!

  4. bmac said

    Very true, my fanatical war mongering friend. šŸ™‚

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