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Ricin Scare

Posted by bmac on March 1, 2008

This Ricin thing is a little scary, considering I live less than a mile from the hotel it was found in. It’s a really strange story, that we’re not getting too many details on, which is not surprising. The hotels aren’t too big on negative stories involving hotels in this town, and they kinda call the shots IYKWIM.

A lot of sketchy things happen in Vegas, but this one is bizarre. The police searched this guys room twice. The first time-no ricin. A week later-ricin. I don’t get that one. And there’s something about a couple of pets, I think a dog and a cat, that were left in the room for a week after the guy went to the hospital, and animal control had to put them down from lack of food or water. I don’t get that one either.

This is one of those weekly or monthly hotels, but still, no one heard these animals in there for a week? How was ricin not present, then present? I have a feeling we’ll never get the real story, and I’m sure someone’s trying to find a way to just make this story go away. Fast.

3 Responses to “Ricin Scare”

  1. Michael said

    I don’t get that one.

    I suspect the first search was conducted by Officer Fife.

  2. Okay, Bmac! Please tell me that Cheif Suey’s first name isn’t Chop!!

    Oops, this is serious crap here, sorry! Here’s a link from NY Times from 13 hrs. ago…. don’t know if that’s newer than anything you’ve read.


    We have your back in the prayer department! Be careful out there.

  3. bmac said

    Thanks Robin!

    Yeah, it’s the lead story on the news everyday, but details are about the same as the story you linked.
    Very strange.
    The only new thing is the guy is from Utah.

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