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Mondo Geraldo

Posted by bmac on March 3, 2008

The Manic Hispanic attacks Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh. Is it me, or has Geraldo just become Hispanic in the last year or so? In between giving away troop movements in Iraq, doing frantic hyperbolic freak outs during Katrina, getting married and divorced like 47 times, being one of the most irresponsible “journalists” ever, as well as his general douchbaggery, all of a sudden it seems he’s gotten really in touch with his Hispanic-ness.

Aside from his name, I just don’t recall him being real Hispanic-centric before the immigration debacle last year.


God I hate that jackass. Why Fox? Why do you give this dickhead a paycheck?

2 Responses to “Mondo Geraldo”

  1. cranky said

    I think he’s Shepard Smith’s long lost evil twin. Disaster queens the two of them. An illegal immigrant murders an American and any pursuit of justice is ‘racist’ according to the Puerto Rican Disaster Queen. FoxNews is almost becoming unwatchable.

  2. bmac said


    I gave up on them. I’ll occasionally catch O’Reilly because he a social conservative, and the only guy that regularly calls out media bias on TV. The rest of em’ suck out loud, including Republican Party shill-boy Hannity.

    I pretty much get my news exclusivly from the net these days.
    And from you Cranky!

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