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If You Still Like Jack Nicholson……

Posted by bmac on March 4, 2008

Maybe you shouldn’t watch this.

I think Nicholson wore out his welcome with me around the time he did that ridiculously over the top impersonation of himself playing the Joker in the first Batman movie. This clip nicely highlights the one-note “acting” style Nicholson has worn to a nub over the years.

The “Nothing sexier than a woman you have to salute in the morning” line is gagworthy in this context. It simultaneously deflates his manhood, and makes Cankles even less sexy.

If that’s even possible.

It’s actually startling when “present day” Jack shows up at the end.

He’s like a real life evil clown.

6 Responses to “If You Still Like Jack Nicholson……”

  1. FAKE! You can buy a stuffed Jack Nicholson at an internet magic shop!

  2. S. Weasel said

    Meh. I never liked Jack Nicholson. Cool people piss me off.

  3. bmac said

    Aww man, that means you must hate me, cause I’m really cool.
    Having a blog proves it.
    *flipping up collar on polo shirt*
    Like I said…..cool.

  4. cranky said

    Can’t say I ever did like him. After watching this I’d like to hit him with a 3-iron. Are the majority of people who call Hollywood home as stupid as Nicholson?

  5. bmac said

    He’s an over-rated hack for sure. Been playing himself for 40 years.
    If you’ve seen one Nicholson movie, you’ve truly seen em’ all.

  6. porknbean said


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