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Update On Ferarro, Why She’s Right

Posted by bmac on March 13, 2008

From Drudge:

“Ferarro Quits Clinton Campaign After Furor On Racial Remark”

Well, there you go. Can’t mention race. Can’t talk about the obvious, lest you be branded a racist. Just the fact that this is a “furor” proves her point. Even being a woman and a Democrat doesn’t get her a pass.

The Clinton campaign confirms Geraldine Ferraro has stepped down from her role on the finance committee of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign after making racially charged remarks about Sen. Barack Obama.

“Racially charged remarks.” Wow. Better watch your mouth.


McCain’s strategists are gonna have to parse every single word that comes out of his mouth for the next eight months. I bet they’re putting together a list of key words that cannot leave his lips. He’ll mess up though, and say something innocuous like “Black American,” and will be treated like he’s the friggen Grand Dragon of the KKK. I actually feel sorry for him, for all the landmines he’s gonna have to navigate his way through for the rest of the year.

Good luck debating real issues, this entire campaign is going to be based on how not to offend Obama.

Not only that, but like Hilary, McCain will have to defend Obama himself, if one of his people accidentally utter a word or phrase that’s verboten.

Dance PC Monkeys. Dance.

Oops, did I say monkeys? Ummm….I apologise, I Uhhh….. didn’t mean it like that, Ummm…..it’s just a phrase…..I love monkeys…I mean……no, I don’t love monkeys………oh shit.

8 Responses to “Update On Ferarro, Why She’s Right”

  1. hoooooo boy, bmac — you just stepped in it.

    Fuck, did I just say “boy”?

  2. bmac said

    Oh man Cuffy, you’re gonna hang for that one.

    Oh shit, did I say “hang”?

  3. Peter, Paul and Mary!! [didn’t want to introduce religion into the conversation!]……

    can’t we just all be freakin’ monkeys

    I mean, Americans!

    Welcome 2da jungle

  4. Ha! I think it was an, “In Living Color” skit where the were doing Silence of the Lambs and they said, “I can smell your Kunta Kinte from here”. I laughed so hard and use that line frequently, but I was always surprised that I didnt’ hear someone, somewhere all ready to get up in their fizznit about that.

  5. Oh here bmac, let me help you out.


  6. bmac said

    Hey, thanks for the farts, I think my traffic just tripled!

  7. Oh I just laughed so hard. It’s amazing what gas will do for a blog. Too bad it’s all my relatives commenting huh?

  8. cranky said

    Sumbody gonna get lynched over dis here shit.

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