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Posted by bmac on March 17, 2008

I haven’t really commented on the whole Obama/Wright thing, because my opinion on it is, I guess, a little controversial, and I had to think about how to approach it without sounding like a racist. I don’t want to sit here and list all my non-racist credibility, I’ll just say I’m not a racist and leave it at that. If you think otherwise, there’s nothing I can do about it. It sucks that I feel I even have to qualify that, but it is what it is.

Here’s the controversial part:

Wrights views are not as “fringe” as the media would like you to believe.

In fact, his views are fairly common in the black community. Conspiracy theories run rampant. Everything from O.J. being framed, AIDS being manufactured to kill blacks, liquor stores being installed on every corner of the ghetto, the dis-proportionate number of black men in prison, every failure of the black community is routinely blamed on the white mans attempted genocide of blacks.

Wrights church, nor his views, are new or extreme. This is standard stuff in the ghetto, and beyond the ghetto to people like Barack Obama. Obama knew damn well what Wrights been saying for twenty years, and you better believe he believes a good portion of it. That’s just the way it is.

How do I know? I grew up in a black neighborhood, and attended mostly black and hispanic schools from 5th grade until graduation. I’ve heard this stuff my whole life. It’s not new to me.

If Obama pulls off a miracle and actually gets elected, nothing is gonna change. There’s no possible way he’ll be able to live up to what the black community is going to expect of him, and when he fails to do that, it will be consisdered another conspiracy, that he was either an Uncle Tom, or he was “installed” by the white man to make a fool of him. Race releations won’t be fixed, and we won’t suddenly be a united country where everybody’s colorblind, and anybody who thinks Obama is going to make that happen is naive and living in a bubble.

If anything, an Obama Presidency will pull the country further apart. Obama will be pulled in so many directions, and have to be everything to everybody, that he’ll be crushed under the weight, resulting in race relations being even worse by the time he leaves the mess of his first term.

Whites will also hang their hopes on Obama, so that they may feel released from the sins of their fathers, but they’ll be disappointed too, because he can’t give them that. No black President can give them that.

He is not the man, and this is not the time, and that’s just reality.

9 Responses to “Obama/Wright…..”

  1. Rosetta said

    Excellent post, bmac.

    You are correct that there is a zero chance Obama can deliver the goods he’s selling.

    There are still too many latent issues among whites and blacks generally for a black President to be elected.

    We can’t even get consensus on whether Wright’s comments are outrageous and anti-American for goodness sakes!

    The OJ trail is a great illustration (sadly) that many blacks and whites can see the exact same set of facts and draw exactly opposite conclusions. And that isn’t fertile ground for harmony.

    Until blacks and whites can create a shared reality as Americans, not white-Americans and not African-Americans, I don’t think we’re going to see a black President.

  2. bmac said

    Thanks Rosetta.
    What sucks most, is we can’t have an honest dialogue about it in the media. I haven’t heard one person say that Wrights views are not “extremist” in the black community. I myself felt a little fear of posting this, that fear is so ingrained.

    I also haven’t heard anyone talk about the real ramifications for race relations, if he actually makes it.

  3. Jams said

    I grew up around the same crap. It’s common. Not total, but common.

    While I think Obama is doomed, there’s a part of me that hopes he really does acknowledge that there is a problem with racism IN the black community. He could effectively unite black and white America against racist black and white America. We’ll see tommorrow.

    Since I seriously started imagining Obama as president, it’s taken on very strange forms. The most outrageous what-if circumstance went like this: Obama becomes president, he’s assassinated, a civil war erupts across America along racial lines. The last few days? It hasn’t felt that outrageous.

  4. S. Weasel said

    Oh, I think Obama has a real shot. And, you’re right — he hasn’t a hope in hell of delivering. Not least because there are only so many things a president directly controls.

    I would guess he would have an unremarkable presidency marked by gridlock, during which talk about whether he’s “really black” would resurface. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

    I also think that’s why he ended up at Wright’s church in the first place — trying to build credibility with the black community. He’s no more descended from slaves than I am and he’s not *much* darker.

  5. PattyAnn said

    “Uncle Tom”

    I’m surprised no one has stuck this little label on him yet.

  6. bmac said

    Did you know O.J. was considered an Uncle Tom?

    That is, until he killed his white wife.

  7. […] Bmac, who grew up around black churches made the same point, today on his blog. […]

  8. In our local media today there was already one black reverend who is saying that even Obama isn’t black enough to truly have had the black experience.

    I have tried to have several conversations regarding the issue of race, only to have my thoughts and opinions dismissed because I cannot possibily understand because I’m not black. Interesting how black is interchangable with African-American, giving blacks an ethnicity. But, white is just white. A color with no ethnic background. I’m not white – I’m third generation-German-Irish-American. (hooey!) I’m sure no one remembers all the troubles my peeps had when coming over to America – because we don’t drag them out every day and remind those of you who aren’t “tg-g-i-a” that you cannot possibly know the troubles we’ve seen!!

    The White-American started the potato famine in Ireland just so we would die out and not cross over to begin with – that’s how hated we were!!

  9. bmac said

    Excellent points Robin, especially the “you can’t possibly understand” part. I’ve gotten that one many times. It’s the race trump card played to end a losing argument.

    I’m Irish myself, fourth or fifth gen, and yeah, the Irish were considered animals when they got here, and treated as such.

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