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Your Tax Dollars At Work

Posted by bmac on March 25, 2008

Obama’s taking a little vacation this week, in the Virgin Islands. That’s nice, he’s probably tired from campaigning 7 days a week for the last year and a half, and the gargantuan work load that goes along with being a U.S. Senator.

I wonder if anything could be going on in Illinois that might possibly require his attention, since you know, he’s been kissing babies and defending racists for a year and a half now, and the good people of Illinois pay him $165,200 a year to……..ummm…….uhhhh….I don’t know, what the fuck do we pay our Senators for anyway?


What has Hillary been doing for New York lately? How about McCain? How’s Arizona doin’ Senator? Am I naive? How is it that these U.S. Senators can be persona non grata for two years at a clip with no measurable effect? Do they phone it in between church services? They always seem to find time for church.

Tell you what, let’s all run for President, and tell our bosses we’re gonna be…..busy for the next two years and give them an address to mail our checks to, and we may or may not be back, depending of course, on how the election turns out.

I wonder how that would go over.

3 Responses to “Your Tax Dollars At Work”

  1. doubtingmoab said

    You know, I always wondered that. I’m sure they’ve got the massive telecommunications thing going on and office support where ever they go (we are generous bosses, after all), but they miss out on all the interoffice “stuff” that goes on. I wonder if, like I do when I’m on travel, they get disconnected and need a day or two to get back up to speed? Maybe a year or two? Who knows. Nice work if you can get it.

  2. bmac said

    I also noticed Obama has really big feet.

    You know what that means…..he hates white people.

  3. […] I’m not buying the “security concerns” excuse. I think something else may be at play, here. Maybe the publicity from Wright’s “Italians look down their garlic noses” quote was the last straw. Maybe Obama’s been making some phone calls to his “old uncle” from his restful oasis in St. Thomas. […]

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