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Divorce: Hip Hop Edition

Posted by bmac on March 27, 2008

Kind of a slow news day, so I was checking out Breitbart’s entertainment news, and I ran across a few interesting things, one of which was “rap mogul” Russell Simmons is getting divorced, after a seven year marriage. I hate to feel happy about someone else’s pain, but in this case, I think I’ll make an exception. From what I understand, Russells’s wife, a former model, is a raving bitch, who spends his money with reckless abandon, while pretending to be a mogul herself because he gave her the baby clothes division of his clothing line.

I happened to catch Russell and his wife’s episode of “Cribs” a while back, and for starters, I had no clue Russell Simmons made the kind of money he does, but he’s doing really well. They had probably the most ostentatious, pretentious, over-the-top, ridiculous “Crib” I have ever seen. Plus, it was 49,000 square ft. For two people, and a couple kids. Have you ever been in a 49,000 square ft house? Ten families of four could live in a 49,000 square ft house, and never see each other. Here, see for yourself.

Here’s Mrs. Simmons, looking fabulous (with a maid in the background)


How he thought this bitch wasn’t gonna clean his clock is beyond me. Not very-mogul like, Russell. She also tried to run from the police, and got arrested for possession of marijuana.


I half expect Tyra Banks and Miss J. to critique this mugshot, it’s so fucking fabulous.

How Russell ever made any money in the first place is a mystery to me, judging by his decision making skills displayed in his choice of wife.

BTW, you’ve probably seen Russell on the O’Rielly Factor, he’s a frequent guest, always brought in to defend Hip Hop Culture, and he’s really active in the Rock the Vote campaign.

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  1. I agree with you

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