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Posted by bmac on March 31, 2008

“Democrats face long summer of bitter infighting”

Sure they do. Clearly, the Dems are pushing for Obama, in a bid to make sure they lose this election by a landslide. A gargantuan, crushing defeat at the hands of a more electable Democrat, John McCain.

Hey, either way, they win.

Three words: One Party System.

It’s happening my friends. Both parties have sabotaged their bases in a masterful “bait and switch” that leaves us fighting with each other while they merge parties, headed up by the political equivalent of a hot tranny, (and by that I mean someone who could fool you, but only if you’re very, very, very drunk. Like Danny Bonaduce) John McCain.

Sure, they’ll continue to have names like “Democrat” and “Republican” but the basic platforms will be almost indistinguishable. We all know McCain is gonna shove immigration right up our asses, and with a Dem house, our asses are gonna look like the Holland Tunnel. So there’ll be plenty of room for all the rest of McCain’s liberal agenda to fit, and if you think Republicans are gonna stop him, you can go try to find some, because I haven’t seen or heard from one in four years.

McCain and his BFF Teddy Kennedy, will be drunkenly driving over bridges with impunity, while actual Republicans become harder to find than a Yangtzee River Dolphin.

This clusterfuck of an election cycle is so clearly (at least to me, now that things have shaken out) set up to get McCain in the White House, that it’s almost laughable. Pit a Mormon against a kooky evangelical. A woman against a black guy. Mis-direction Houdini would be proud of. Divide and conquer.

Government is big business, and like any good corporation, their common interest is power. What better way to lube us up than to get McCain, a guy that Republicans will be forced to vote for, in office, so we can take that first real step into an undefined, meaningless Republican party, that will flow smoothly into what ultimately will become socialism.

Think I’m a conspiracy nut? Well, I don’t believe in any other conspiracy theory if that matters. Just tell me one, one single prominent Republican politician that has uttered a peep about much of anything of substance in the last four years, that hasn’t been all but shut down, or ignored….by the Republican party.

Cussing count: 2. clusterfuck, and ass.

Make that 4.

3 Responses to “Sabotage!”

  1. Nigel said

    bmac, I think you get an extra 1/2 pt. for using cluster****.

  2. Brian said

    The United Colonies of North and Central America. That’s a true one party system for you. Run by wealthy politicians owned lock, stock and barrel by multi-national businesses and the governments of Japan, China and Saudi Arabia. While we the people stand in line waiting for our rations of gas, rice and flour.

  3. no problem admin..

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