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My Take On The Absolut Ad

Posted by bmac on April 4, 2008


You know, the one thing that has been almost completely ignored this election cycle is immigration? I guess that’s because ALL the candidates are pro-amnesty. Amnesty will happen folks. It’s a done deal, no matter who wins in November. And Absolut knows it.

Illegal immigration is a waaay bigger threat to life in the U.S. than Al-queda. I wish someone would acknowledge this fact, but that would be racist I suppose. This stupid little ad is not that far away from becoming a reality, especially when our own government is actively participating in making it happen.

Republicans want cheap labor, Democrats want votes, it’s that simple. Who’s gonna stop it? All the angry faxes and emails in the world mean nothing when compared to the gargantuan amount of money our politicians get from Big Business constituents, and special interest groups who want to keep the absolut (get it) tsunami of illegals flowing unfettered across our southern border.

Here’s an estimate by, of all people, John McCain, from the Christian Science Monitor, that gives you an idea of how many a tsunami is.

But in a letter to a constituent in 2004, Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona wrote: “According to the US Border Patrol apprehension statistics, almost four million people crossed our borders illegally in 2002.” Although many are caught and made to leave the country, a significant number try again. No one knows for sure how many succeed, but Senator McCain’s assertion would mean that the number crossing the border and disappearing into the US economy could be much higher than official estimates.

Four million in 2002. If even half of them succeeded, just think about that number for a minute. That’s probably a lot more people than live in your entire city, in one single year. Just think about that. All the people, all the traffic, all the houses, that’s like importing an entire metropolitan city of illegals….every year. There’s no possible way to assimilate 2 million people a year, without draining social services dry.

Until illegal immigration from Mexico is acknowledged as THE number one threat to our survival as America, that map is more than an offensive ad, it’s an all too real blueprint of our future.

And fuck Absolut.

2 Responses to “My Take On The Absolut Ad”

  1. in2thefray said

    I hadn’t thought of it earlier in seeing the news of this ad but. If you were on your ass drunk (preferably via Absolut) you may well think the map could look like that. As for your intelligent take on the issue of ILLEGAL immigration spot on.It is sad that it isn’t a bigger issue on the campaign trail.

  2. bmac said

    Thanks Fray, It just baffles me how this issue is swept under the rug, and I honestly don’t think the general public (especially those NOT in the southwest) have any idea how bad it really is.

    Our politicians certainly don’t want us to know.

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