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When The Going Gets Tough….Make It Tougher!

Posted by bmac on April 9, 2008

I wonder if this is really the best time for a bunch of new tax hikes? Like this,

Or this? Or even this?

Gov. Martin O’Malley signs a new tax bracket for millionaires into law. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller (left) and House Speaker Michael E. Busch joined the governor for yesterday’s signing ceremony.

I love the fucking smug looks on these assholes faces as they screw over the only people spending money in this crappy economy.

I hope they have enough mansions in Maryland to accommodate the massive influx of millionaires that will be streaming in for the opportunity to “give back.”

The global warming tax in California is obviously the most ridiculous. Funny enough, about a year ago, Arnold came here to Vegas in an attempt to woo back businesses that had fled California to Nevada, because of crushing taxes. It was a huge production, driving around town in a big RV that was all painted up with slogans. Needless to say, it didn’t go too well. The shocking failure to lure businesses back to tax hell, resulted in an even better plan: Tax the living shit out of the people that stayed in California, you know, to show goodwill and all.

8 Responses to “When The Going Gets Tough….Make It Tougher!”

  1. Robin said

    Wouldn’t it be great if politicians all over the nation wiped the smug looks off their face and learned to live within the budget of the money they have?

    Nebraska just raised the gas tax another 1.2 cents per gallon. Now that hubby works in downtown O, he can just drive over to Iowa and save even more!!

    How nice would it be to walk into the office of the person who gives you money and tell him you are increasing your income by X%? I’m waiting for that day!

    This is the whole reason I don’t run for politics – I’m not stupid enough.

  2. Rosetta said

    Well said Robin.

    A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.

    We need a balanced budget amendment. Like, now.

  3. Rosetta said

    Hey bmac, where’d you get the moronosphere monkey??

  4. bmac said

    A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul

    Can’t put it any better than that.

    I got it from DPUD, courtesy of S.Weasel, the official moron artist.

  5. Rosetta said

    I need me some moron monkey.

  6. nicedeb said

    I hope you don’t mind being tagged for a little link-game. See here for the rules:


  7. bmac said

    I’ll work on it, might take a day though. Six words…seems easy but it’s not is it?

  8. eddiebear said

    Problem is: MD is overwhelmingly Democrat, thanks to the DC suburbs and Baltimore. It seems as though MD has the MI idea for solving economic issues: tax your residents even higher, knowing you have the electoral map on your side to never fear repercussions.

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