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I Too, Have Received A Tag

Posted by bmac on April 10, 2008

The lovely Nice Deb has tagged me with the “six word meme”. I totally suck at this type of stuff, but hey, I’ll give it a shot.

When I was a kid here in Vegas, we all had dirt bikes, because back then, there was a whole lot of empty desert to ride around in. Not so much anymore. Kids in Vegas these days do other stuff, like shoot each other.

There was a guy that lived on my street that was a little older than my friends and I, and he was a pro Moto-Cross rider. He won a lot, and never seemed to get hurt. We’d always ask him how he did it, and he would always say: “When in doubt, just gas it.

Actually he said “When in doubt, gas it” but that’s only five words, so I’m taking a little poetic license to make it work. As a rider, it got me out of a lot of hairy situations, and that phrase has served me well over the years in other situations when I was nervous.

Not sure if that qualifies as a “meme” but in the spirit of fun, I tried.

So there you go. Now I gotta tag five people…..hmmmm….how about:

Steamboat McGoo


Cuffy Meigs

Ummm…I know that’s only three, but I don’t feel like I know anyone that hasn’t already been tagged well enough to tag. And I can’t tag group blogs, so that exempts the Hostages.

At the very least, shoot them some hits.

14 Responses to “I Too, Have Received A Tag”

  1. nicedeb said

    How about SWeasel? She’d be good.

  2. I like that one bmac! when in doubt just gas it. 🙂

    That works for me for all those nasty little bugs we have here in Florida. I’m gonna gas ’em.

  3. Enas Yorl said

    “When in doubt, just gas it.“

    That’s what’s usually said shortly after “Hey, watch this!”

  4. “When in doubt, just gas it.“

    And that is said shortly before someone says, “Hey someone call 911!”

  5. bmac said

    When in doubt, just gas it™

  6. Rosetta said

    1. May I please touch your boobs.

    2. Why not, my hands are clean?

    3. Boobs are meant to be shared.

    4. Why did you call the cops?!

    5. I am not guilty your honor.

    6. What am I in for? Boobs.

  7. Rosetta said

    That’s my series of six word memes.

    I hate the word memes by the way.

  8. eddiebear said

    By the time I posted my meme, I think all of the blogs I know have been tagged.
    And in all seriousness, I am truly appreciative you guys thought to include me. I just wish I had gotten to it sooner. It sucks when work gets in the way of blog fun.

  9. bmac said

    Glad you dug it eddie, thanks for playin’!

  10. Nigel said

    Damn…you just tagged all the morons who would be so mentally challenged by this that they would actually do it.

    Which leaves me nobody else to “tag”.

    Maybe I’ll tag Michelle Malkin. Yeah…she’ll play.

  11. cranky said

    Just gas it. Kind of makes you cringe like when you hear “Hey, watch this.”

  12. eddiebear said

    “just gas it.” Kinda like me after eating a plate of nachos.

  13. PattyAnn said

    Rosetta, it’s a meme, not a storyboard. (If we were on our blog, I’d give you lots of points for that scenario.)

  14. awright, bmac, I finally did mine.

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