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Lowe Down Nanny Blues

Posted by bmac on April 16, 2008

Have you heard about this Rob Lowe/Nanny thing? He’s suing her for something or other, and she’s alleging sexual abuse or something. I don’t really care, but I’m not at all surprised the Lowes have a problem with a hot young nanny they hired to live with them.

I find the whole nanny culture interesting. It’s like buying a family member, or hiring a dog trainer to raise your children because those damn kids just don’t seem to understand that you have a fucking tanning appointment!

Here’s the other thing: If you just cannot give up afternoon cocktails, and shopping for just the right purse for your chiuaua, don’t hire a hot young live-in fuck buddy for your husband. Because unless your nanny (or for you east coasters, Aupair) looks like Mrs. Doubtfire, that’s pretty much the way it usually ends up.

Either that, or the hot young nanny becomes a paid for, live-in drinking/drug buddy for the wife. I’ve seen it happen. Basically, the kids are the lowest part of the priority totem pole when a nanny gets hired.

Why would a hot young chick even want to be a nanny? Probably because it’s easy. You get free room and board (usually very nice digs) some decent pocket money, and you hang out with spoiled kids who probably play Wii all day anyway. It’s just a little easier than being a stripper. And I’m pretty sure a good number of these chicks have designs on getting the old broad out, and becoming the new wife, with a built in family, and then they can be the ones having a drunken tanning session every day.

It pretty much never ends up like that.

If you hire a (hot young) relative stranger to be a live-in, de-facto “mom” to your children, I just have no sympathy for you when it all goes so predictably south.

3 Responses to “Lowe Down Nanny Blues”

  1. Humph! Well I certainly won’t be dropping in at your place!

  2. bmac said

    C’mon Poppins, I got a plasma, and some meth! Huh? Huh?

    You can have full access to the liquor cabinet too. I think there’s some Absinthe in there.

    You need to do something about that frumpy outfit though.

  3. […] interesting look into the mind of a Nanny from A Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever. Now I’m sure this is just a very wide generalization, but it’s still funny. Why would […]

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