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Atlantic City Votes To Kill Gaming

Posted by bmac on April 24, 2008

Another Smoking Ban!!!

Boy is this one stupid. Banning smoking in a casino, is like banning coffee in a bookstore, it just goes together. They tried that here in Vegas to disastrous results. In fact, casino’s are the only place in Vegas you can still smoke indoors, for a reason. A non-smoking casino opened, and promptly closed, before the paint was dry. It just doesn’t work.

If you’re losing your ass at a table, you damn well better be able to have a smoke while you give the casino your rent money, it’s just that simple. I’ve lived in this town most of my life, and I can tell you, people that are gambling, feel extra-special entitlement to do whatever the fuck they want, because they don’t look at it the way you’d look at spending money on a normal vacation. They look at it like the casino is fucking them, even though it’s their choice to be there in the first place.

Casino’s, by their very nature, have to have an “anything goes” atmosphere. Once you start treating gamblers like children, they’re gonna go find a place to gamble with adults. Even if it’s their own garage.

Patrons could still light up in unstaffed smoking lounges away from the table games and slot machines.

Yeah, totally killing their streak, if they’re on one. And after losing a bunch of money, they get to feel like herded cattle. Way to take care of the customer AC! Humiliate people spending money in your establishment by stuffing them in a stinky room. Smokers (myself included) hate those fucking “smoking lounges” because they’re gross, and they’re never ventilated or cleaned, because you know, fuck those disgusting smokers anyway.

After being made to feel like a leper, how conducive do you think that is to go back and risk further humiliation by losing money?

Casino workers attended the vote. Many wore T-shirts with the slogan “Nobody deserves to work in an ashtray.”

Oh fuck you “Casino workers.” I am so tired of this kind of whining. First of all, casino’s are big, well ventilated open spaces, it’s not like they’re in a tiny room in a haze of smoke, like say a “Smoking Lounge.” It’s just not like that.

Second, fuck you casino workers, go work at McDonalds then, crybabies. Actually, you may end up there anyway, after the casino lays you off because you helped the city take away gaming revenue with your stupid T-Shirts. Believe me, those casino’s know what you did, and you’re on “the list.”

When business slows down, which it will…a lot…you’ll be the first to start your new career in fast food preparation.

Update: Thanks for the link DPUD!

6 Responses to “Atlantic City Votes To Kill Gaming”

  1. Rosetta said

    Nice one, bmac!!

    You and I are brothers of different mothers. As a smoker myself (only when I drink but…you know…I like to drink…), I find most of the no-smoking campaign to be a slippery slope of political correctness gone awry.

    If you want to have smoking and non-smoking sections of restaurants, I have no problem with that. But when you start to ban smoking everywhere, you can kiss my ass.

    If you want to talk second-hand smoke, I got a problem with your second-hand fascism you friggin’ Nazi!!!!

    Lambert airport here in St. Louis has the “designated smoking areas” that I call the Room of Doom™. I always laugh when I see it.

  2. bmac said

    Room of Doomâ„¢

    Man those things suck!

    Same thing here at McCarran, disgusting little smoking rooms that almost make you want to quit….almost.

  3. I used to live up the road (Memphis) from Tunica, MS and we’d go down to the casinos pretty often. Most are relatively new and have excellent air purifiers; you can sit at a blackjack table with a smoker at the other end and not even know it.

    Well, except for the striped pajamas he’s wearing with the camel-shaped patch stitched on the front.

  4. …almost make you want to quit…

    Yes! Quit! Come over to the Dark Side. We’ve got cookies!

  5. Billy Carmen said

    Fuck you smokers, when I got busted for pot, none of you offerred to loan me bail money. So I’ll just finish this joint before I head into work. I’ll wait for you to come back from the smoke box to see if you want to keep your hard six. I need to pick up another pack of zig zags after I get off. Wanna stop by after you lose all your cash? I’ll share a joint with you but finish that Camel outside.

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