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Harold And Kumar Jump The Shark

Posted by bmac on April 25, 2008

I liked “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” Even though it was a pretty brutal painting of whites with the broadest possible negative stereotypes, it still had a sense of good nature to it. It was meant to be a broad swipe at whites, and I get the joke. Plus it was hilarious, and had the best celebrity cameo ever.

The joke’s wearing a little thin however, with “Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.” Actually, “a little thin” is an understatement, as Harold and Kumar take that ball and run with it past the goalpost, and right out of the stadium. I understand it’s getting rave reviews. No doubt, someone will call it “A smart, comical take on racism, blind patriotism, and the war in Iraq.” Or how about this actual review from the Philadelphia Enquirer:

but the gratuitous nudity (male and female) and crazy cannabis-ness are there to serve a greater good: to mock social and political hypocrisy, a culture steeped in prejudice and pretense.

Or this one, from the NY Times:

its idiocy serves the cause of good sense and intelligence. And no, I’m not smoking anything.

Here’s one from TV Guide:

Hurwitz and Schlossberg’s sensibilities are coarse, juvenile, lewd, relentlessly tasteless and sometimes surprisingly perceptive when it comes to the glorious variety of racial stereotyping.

Yes, it’s “surprisingly perceptive” “serves the greater good”, and “serves the cause of good sense and intelligence,” to portray the entire staff of Guantanamo Bay as racist, idiot, gay rapists. Or every white passenger on a plane as an Islamo-Phobe. Or every white southerner as an inbred hillbilly KKK member. Didn’t we cover most of that in the first movie dudes?

It’s passed the point of parody, and entered the realm of hatefulness, and critics are eating that shit up.

See for yourself how they’re “serving the greater good”. Warning: Extreme profanity, and nudity NSFW!!

I’m no Debbie Schlussel, I can laugh at raunchy stuff, I don’t see Islamic sympathising in every movie, and I can take a joke directed at white people, but to call this in any way smart, or perceptive, or serving anything but the most over the top racial and political stereotyping possible, is fucking retarded.

It was funny the first time guys, this time it’s just kind of hateful.

Just FYI, I understand Kal Penn, (Kumar) is a MAJOR Obama guy.

One Response to “Harold And Kumar Jump The Shark”

  1. S. Weasel said

    Eh. Watched the preview. It just looks dumb.

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