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Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None

Posted by bmac on April 27, 2008

Here we go again. Sharpton on the warpath.

I wonder, if those cops, 3 of them black, had killed Sean Bell after firing only one shot each, would it matter?

Full disclosure here, my brother in law is a cop. That being said, common sense tells you cops don’t just randomely murder black men in a hail of gunfire, just for the fuck of it. Trust me, cops would prefer to never fire their weapon if they didn’t have to, for a myriad of reasons. Once a gun is discharged by a cop, even in an innocuous situation, it opens up a Pandora’s box of pure hell for that officer that they would much rather avoid.

There’s an old saying from the neighborhood I grew up in: “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” It basically means, if you’re not doing anything stupid, you won’t have any problems, like say, cops unloading clips on your ass. It’s a pretty safe bet Sean Bell “started some” in a big way. How he did that is never gonna be known for sure, but he did something, and it appears to be trying to run over undercover cops in an attempt to get away from the police. He was also legally drunk. Cops emptying clips don’t just suddenly spring up in the middle of innocent circumstances.

As far as being unarmed, well, he had a car, and appeared to be using it as a weapon. I don’t see a difference between that and a gun. And yeah, shooting at a car that may be trying to kill you would easily justify 50 shots in my book.

13 Responses to “Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None”

  1. Alfie said

    There is something to be said of the average line cop. They don’t have the detachment to just kill. They actually have real feelings and many have the hesitation and other issues that leads to no shots or many many shots.

  2. Old Iron said

    Ah, lovely. Al Sharpton trying to validate his existence again.

  3. TexasLonghorn33 said

    I was looking for by whom this statement was originally made. Stumbled across this. Amen? Amen!

  4. Lizzy said

    Don’t defy authority, no matter how corrupt, and you won’t get hurt. Defy authority, even it is for the higher good, and you could get arrested and/or shot. But, oh, I forgot, Americans looooove living in a police state. And they love joining the military and killing abroad. They’ll be sorry when the war is on their land.

    • Anonymous said

      Chances are bud, there won’t be a war on American soil unless it’s a civil war. “We will never invade mainland USA because there is a gin behind every blade of grass.” – Some Japanese general in WW2

  5. Otto Gutscheine…

    […]Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None « A Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever[…]…

  6. TakeAsecondLook said

    Why would a police officer fire a gun in an “innocuous situation”? You speak like a cop: using words you can’t actually define.
    Of course officers would prefer not to fire. That does not mean lapses in judgement never occur. Better trained officers fire less frequently- this is well documented. The community at large shares responsibility for unnecessary shootings (as do victims, without a doubt), and there is no reason to shy away from questions as to whether incidents could be handled better. Blindly supporting the actions of officers ignores our social responsibility. We give the police the power to take life, and mistakes happen too often.

  7. Father patrick said

    First of all if you run over a police officer with a car that is assault with a weapon with intent to inflict bodily harm you could also be charged with attempted murder depending on how bad he is hurt the cops where in the right there was a cop with his k9 partner up here in canada and a guy who was a suspect in a armed stabbed his the cop shot the guy six times and black or not that is his partner and he loved him if a cop shoots a guy who ran over a guy who those officers likely worked possibly went to school with they are going to shoot him

  8. Anonymous said

    So, there were cops treated for injuries resulting from being hit with a car?

  9. Anonymous said

    You spelled randomly wrong.

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