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Failing Upward With Al Franken

Posted by bmac on April 30, 2008

Comedian-Turned-Candidate Franken To Pay 70,000 In Back Taxes

There’s two things wrong here. First, referring to Al Franken as a “comedian.” Sorry, but being Lorne Michaels mercy fuck for 20 years does not qualify one as a “comedian.”

Second, how the fuck does this guy make enough money to owe $70,000? Who pays him? Why do they pay him? Al Franken has never succeeded at anything, ever. He produced the biggest bomb in SNL movie history, “Stuart Smalley,” and that’s saying something. More people were willing to sit through the cinematic nightmare of “It’s Pat!” than were willing to have to endure looking at Al Franken for 2 hours. “The Ladies Man” laughs at Al Franken. Chris fucking Kattan kicks Al Frankens ass at the box office. You just can’t fail more than that.

Oh wait, if you’re Al Franken, you certainly can fail more than that. Just get on the radio at Air America.

They used to broadcast about 2 hours a night of Frankens Air America show on Sundance late nights. I tried to watch it once. Once. They should use tapes of this on prisoners at Guantanamo. They’d be begging for the sweet relief of waterboarding. Franken is the albatross around the neck of hope, hope that you can make a dollar after hiring Al Franken.

Franken should be an adjective to describe losing your ass. Like, “Oh man, I got Franken’d in Vegas.” Or, “Damn, I bought stock in Segway Scooters, I totally got Franken’d” Or even, “Someone stole you credit cards? Cancel ’em before they Franken you!”

I am beyond baffled that anyone would actually pay Al Franken to do anything but NOT show up anywhere near anything that could have any possible potential of making any money whatsoever.

Minnesota, you’ve been warned. Do not get Franken’d.

This guy has been in the public eye for nearly 30 years, and has yet to do a single thing of note aside from being a total jackass loser.

Wait…now that I think about it, he’s MORE than qualified to be a U.S. Senator. 

8 Responses to “Failing Upward With Al Franken”

  1. Nigel said

    Casting aspersions on Al Franken? C’mon. I laughed my ass off when he declared the 80’s the “Al Franken Decade”…

    (Of course I was fifteen at the time)

  2. Fucking awesome. I’m dying over here.

  3. […] Where the heck did Al Franken get all that money (to owe so much in taxes) anyways? Posted in Uncategorized. […]

  4. Old Iron said

    Kick ass. the guy really wasn’t funny on SNL AT ALL. Oh, wait, that’s because I guess I wasn’t amongst the elite few that his humor was aimed at.

    -All 3 of them, and two of them were giraffes.

  5. Well now in retrospect, maybe he could be appointed to a cabinet position. He has the major qualification.

  6. Mad Bluebird said

    AL FREAKLAND is brain has shrunk so small it no longer even works anymore

  7. Candy said

    I choose to remain neutral on this…furniture ocala

  8. Beauty Vill Girl…

    […]Failing Upward With Al Franken « A Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever[…]…

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