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Why McCain Should Lose

Posted by bmac on May 15, 2008

I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I completely understand how many Republicans will grudgingly vote for McCain, because obviously, it’s the better choice of what’s available. The “Lesser Of Two Evils” approach. My thought on that is, Republicans will be more than happy to “Lesser Of Two Evils” us right into socialism. As long as they have power, I honestly don’t think they could give a crap about ideology.

Another thing that comes up a lot is “I’ll vote for him, but I won’t like it!”

The bad news here is, there’s not a “But I Don’t Like It” box to check on the ballot. A vote is a vote, and that’s how Republicans will view it. You like McCain, and everything he’s about, because you voted for him. It’s just that simple.

You want Republicans to get back to conservatism? It won’t be easy. They’re not going to just suddenly move to the right because we weren’t happy about voting for McCain. Angry emails aren’t going to alert them to the error of their ways. Blogging about how much you “don’t like it” is pointless.

They have to lose. Lose big, like to a junior Senator with a Muslim name. They have to do a political face plant. They have to lose all power before they even consider what it is they might be doing wrong, and wake up from the fog they’ve been aimlessly wandering around in for at least the last four years.

Basically, that means if you really want the Republicans to represent your ideology again, then don’t vote for McCain, and let Obama win. There, I said it.

You want conservatism back? Then you’ll have to pay for it, in blood and sweat, and the worst four years of your adult life. Sacrifice. That’s the sacrifice. Like I said, it won’t be easy. Hoping they come around isn’t going to be enough. You may have to sacrifice one or two Supreme Court seats, but remember, even Reagan screwed that up.

Is an Obama win a guarantee they’ll move back to the right? Nope, it’s a gamble. They could in theory, move further to the left. On the other hand, putting McCain in the White House is an absolute guarantee they will continue leftward.

That’s my opinion. This election is a crossroads, a test. A test to see how far left we can be pushed, before we push back. It literally is a bi-partisan step towards socialism.

Who the President ultimately ends up to be is almost immaterial. They both will do great harm to this country, it’s just a matter of degrees. Our choice has been all but taken away, and if we take the easy road and vote for McCain but “don’t like it”, then we better get used to voting for people we don’t like, because that’s all we’re gonna get if we cave to the “safe” choice.

You gotta bet big to win big, that’s how it works.

All the bitching in the world means nothing if Republicans still get your vote, even when they offer up the most left-wing candidate in modern history.

One thing, and one thing only, will get their attention:


38 Responses to “Why McCain Should Lose”

  1. That packs a heavy punch and honestly how I’m leaning. I won’t vote Democrat but I don’t think I’ll be voting for McCain either. Maybe a 3rd party candidate. Thanks for saying it so frankly.

  2. bmac said

    Thanks CB, glad you liked it.
    This is the time to take a stand, and taking a stand comes with consequences. Can’t win if ya don’t play.

  3. Rosetta said

    This situation sucks kangaroo junk but I begrudgingly agree with your assessment. Sometimes you have to raze the barn to build the house.

    And the GOP is about to get a good ol’ fashioned ass-razing. Let the RINO’S swing from a tree. Fuck ’em.

    I do however hope we can maintain enough of a minority of actual conservatives in Congress to defeat the worst of the legislation that is sure to come from President of these 57 States.

  4. Rosetta said

    COCK!!! I fucked up the hyperlink code but you can click on kangaroo junk. If you’re into that sort of thing.

    I don’t know why the rest of the comment is bold. Stupid.

  5. Thomas Jackson said

    Nice analysis and blog. Agree with you completely. McCain is a clost Democrat. Why should I vote for him? Maybe Snobama would drive America back to its senses.

    I don’t need four more years of Bush.

  6. Rosetta said

    I don’t need four more years of Bush.

    Amen. Bush has been strong on tax policy, stong on the war on terror, excellent in trying to change the dynamic in the Middle East and, after the Harriet Miers abortion, good on the Supreme Court judges.

    Everything else? Weak to terrible.

    The most fiscally irresponsible Republican. Evah.

  7. bmac said

    I don’t need four more years of Bush

    Shit, Bush is Attila the Hun compared to McCain.

    But the press will act like McCain’s Hitler.

    We’ll get four more years of them calling a liberal a “neocon.”

  8. Rosetta said

    I may start taking drugs and stay wasted for the next four years.

    That seems like a well-thought-out and responsible plan of action.

  9. bmac said

    I may start taking drugs and stay wasted for the next four years.


  10. MCPO Airdale said

    MAVERICK doesn’t need your puny endorsement. MAVERICK is the smartest, toughest, bravest semi-socialist in the room!

    Bob Barr ’08
    “Because we don’t give a fuck!”

  11. Rosetta said

    Epstein Barr ’08
    “I don’t feel very good.”

  12. bmac said

    Rosanne Barr ’08

    “Are you gonna eat that?”

  13. Rosetta said

    Candy Barr ’08

    “I’ll take my top off.”

  14. bmac said

    Sports Barr ’08

    “Because your house looks like a doily exploded, and dudes hate that shit”

  15. Stormy70 said

    I won’t abandon the troops to an Anti-American candidate. You can go your way and I will go mine. Some issues are more important than others. The War trumps all for me, and the only lesson learned by Republicans will be to go left. You will have no right to bitch when the troops are sent home prematurely by a commie President.

  16. Rosetta said


    I hear what you’re saying and I appreciate the gravity of Obama making the final call on Iraq.

    However I don’t think there is any way President Obama will honor his promises on withdrawing the troops regardless of the situation in Iraq.

    Those promises will give way to the reality and the realization that he doesn’t want to be the one responsible for turning Iraq into West Iran.

    If he does pull the troops out prematurely he will have one global shitstorm on his hands. And I believe that he knows that.

  17. MCPO Airdale said

    The Saudis will ensure that America doesn’t pull out of Iraq. They’re scared shitless of the Persians. I’m sure they have let Uncle Sugar know that if America leaves before Iran is in the box, the oil spigot gets turned off.

  18. bmac said

    Rosetta and MCPO,

    You guys NAILED IT!

    Iraq is the very least of my worries with Obama, or McCain for that matter.

    If McCain and his RINO cronies succeed in merging Republicans into the socialist Dems, Stormy’s dilema is still going to be a reality anyway.

  19. cranky said

    Well, I think McCain is dick smoking the Democrats anyway so I’m less and less inclined to vote for him as the lesser of two evils. I stopped donating to the RNC a few years and told them to never call me again and I told them why [border security, illegal immigration, and their non-enforcement of the law mixed in with a healthy dose of “if I got checks, I must have money” spending policies]. Has it made an impression on them? Hell no. We need a new party, a Conservative party. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime but I’m about done with Republicans. No fiscal conservatism, they just stand on the corner under the street lamp lifting their skirt as you drive by hoping to suck you in with empty promises. Then you find out this chick has an Adams apple.

  20. MCPO Airdale said

    Cranky – An apt, if disturbing, description.

  21. cranky said

    Well Master Chief, I could have called McCain a cock sucker. But I didn’t.

    We had something of an air show in Montgomery two nights ago that was really cool. Maxwell AFB is hosting an Air Power Symposium. So they brought in some air power.

    A B-2 flew directly over my house. Then we had a 3 and 4-ship formation. A P51 Mustang had an F-15 on its left wing and F-4 on its starboard wing. Later an F-16 filled the slot position.

  22. MCPO Airdale said

    Man, I hate to show my age but, I miss the Phantom. Ugly, squat and proof that a wheelbarrow full of bricks will fly if given enough thrust! *sigh*

  23. cranky said

    Chief, this summer will be 33 years since I was guarding a refueling ramp at Incirlik AB, Turkey at night with F-4s shooting touch and go’s and touching down about 100 yards away. Then they’d light the ABs and go around and do it again. Awesome to see. Might also explain some of my hearing difficulties now. F-4 was one tough bird.

  24. S. Weasel said

    I don’t even buy McCain on the war issue. He wants to shut Gitmo and tell interrogators exactly what they can and can’t do. That’s just incoherent and wrong.

    As for the shootin’ war in Iraq: if we’ve still got a critical hot war going on there in January of 2009 and the Iraqi military can’t deal with the brunt of it, then (I hate to say it) critics of the war have a real point. And I’m guessing Obama wouldn’t be as dreadful, nor McCain as admirable, dealing with such a thing.

  25. Stormy70 said

    Obama has also attended and cozied up to anti-Semites. He attends a racist church, yet he gets a pass because McCain, who takes no earmarks, isn’t conservative enough?

    Hell, Reagan wasn’t conservative enough for you guys. Bush has cut taxes every year he’s been in office and killed a buttload of terrorists, and put conservative justices on the Supreme Court. McCain will replace two justices if elected, but no, let’s let a effing commie pick justices. That way amnesty will be issued by judicial fiat, instead of fought over in Congress. Jeez, I seem to remember the hard line anti-immigration candidates getting thrown out of office in 2006.

    Obama will absolutely be a disaster, and I am not going to punish America with my vote. If I lose, then it is fair and square.

    Obama is the worst jackhole to come down the Chicago pipeline in decades. He is corrupt and a liar. His bill concerning the UN should scare the hell out of any self-respecting conservative, unless you don’t mind a percentage of our GDP going to the child raping, Israel hating UN.

    Are all of you insane?!

  26. bmac said

    I don’t know what else to say Stormy. Nobody here is going to vote for Obama.

    McCain will facilitate all the things you’re worried about just a little slower than Obama will, and he’ll do it in the name of the Republican Party.

    You’ll end up with the same result, but with Republicans getting all the blame, and the party becoming indistinguishable from Democrats.

    Vote for McCain, do what you gotta do, but I choose not to participate in helping merge parties into a socialist state because this asshole has an “R” in front of his name.

  27. Stormy70 said

    I understand where you guys are coming from, but Obama takes the effing cake, man.

  28. Rosetta said

    Did you hear Obama’s quote of the day, Stormy?


  29. bmac said

    I understand where you guys are coming from, but Obama takes the effing cake, man.

    I agree. And that’s why he’s NEVER gonna get elected. I have 150% confidence McCain will be the next President. I’m not even a tiny bit worried about that. Obama will be absolutely slaughtered in the general. So bad it will be embarrassing.

    The MSM will spin the fuck out of it, but he’s gonna get his ass handed to him.

    That being said, what I want is for Republicans to be fucking Republicans, and stop this bi-partisan, left leaning bullshit that they seem so intent on turning the party into, and will ultimately, in my opinion, lead to full blown Communism.

  30. Stormy70 said

    Yeah, Obama is a dead man walking. Considering it is 97 here in Texas today, Obama can stick my thermostat where the sun don’t shine.

    Rosetta, classic Democratic stupidity on display there. The ads will be awesome in October and November. Especially, Obama’s Iran flip flop.

    I bet Michelle Obama keeps the temp down at his house. She is a chilly one.

    The media couldn’t win it for Kerry, and they won’t win it for Obama.

    Still, you guys should vote for McCain. It has come down to this, I am the blog nag.

  31. Richard Neva said

    Something to think about. Mark my words, it is already etched in stone. McCain will be the next president if Bush does not suspend the election which he can by an unknown law he slipped in when the house and senate were gone for the holiday. Here is how it will shake down. It is a foregone conclusion that the Republicans can rig any election in their favore i.e. McCain is a shoe in even if they don’t rig it. Look as his competion; A woman with a crimminal background, just being a woman is enough to discredit her from winning. Obama, a black man, America will never vote for a black man, that is a fact of life. All signs point to the eventual election of John McCain and when that happens you can kiss your sweet asses good bye!

  32. McCain will be the next president if Bush does not suspend the election which he can by an unknown law he slipped in when the house and senate were gone for the holiday.

    Uh huh, yeah, tell me more.

    Here is how it will shake down.

    Uh huh, yeah.
    *scribbles furiously in notepad

    It is a foregone conclusion that the Republicans can rig any election in their favore i.e. McCain is a shoe in even if they don’t rig it.

    Uh huh, oh yeah totally.
    *begins fashioning tin-foil hat

    Obama, a black man, America will never vote for a black man, that is a fact of life

    Uh huh, uh, you’re brilliant.

    election of John McCain and when that happens you can kiss your sweet asses good bye

    election of John McCain and when that happens you can kiss your sweet asses the Republican party good bye

    fixed it and now I can agree with you

  33. bmac said

    Must be a Libertarian.

  34. MCPO Airdale said

    Mr. Neva has watched “Conspiracy Theory” one too many times.

  35. Rosetta said

    It has come down to this, I am the blog nag.

    Hahahaha. Stormy, you’re a nag like Richard Neva is coherent.

    Not even close.

  36. MCPO Airdale said

    Stormy – Who is this “McCain” you speak of?

  37. bmac said

    There’s like a whole “Vote for McCain cause he’s not a commie bastard, and if you don’t, then IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” thing goin’ on, which is getting kind of annoying. It’s just not good enough for me, sorry.

    And I’m also sorry that my party put up the worst possible fucking candidate they could muster, but that is also not my fault.

  38. angela said

    Although Bmac does have a point, I still believe it’s time for finally someone different and new, and let me just say it — a Democrat — in the office.

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