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McClellan Book (and how to not write about the title of a post)

Posted by bmac on May 28, 2008

Former White House Press Secretary Throws Bush Under The Bus

I love how the parasites come out at the end of an administration, and throw blame around. Especially a monkey like McClellan, who’s only role was to address get badgered by, the press. McClellan hits Bush on everything, but I just want to talk about Iraq.

• McClellan charges that Bush relied on “propaganda” to sell the war.

Propaganda? There wasn’t enough propaganda. Here’s the other thing that has always bugged me. The Bush White House itself, keeps referring to Iraq as a “war.” Or “The War.” I never got that, because

A: It’s not a war. Not. A. War.

B: Calling it a war automatically sets us up to “lose” it. If the public thinks of Iraq as an actual war, then they expect an actual victory, a clearly defined victory, which they will never, ever get. There will never be a VI day. Victory in this case will be ambiguous at best, because WE’RE NOT AT WAR WITH IRAQ.

I never understood how the White House could not seem to grasp this most basic concept in it’s attempt at “selling” the action in Iraq. It’s like the most simple PR move in the world to not raise the publics expectations beyond what you can deliver, but Bush just keeps on talking about “The War.”

I’ll never understand why Bush didn’t sell this for what it was, deposing a brutal dictator, and enforcing the U.N.’s own toothless resolutions that after 9/11, just couldn’t be ignored anymore. It’s just that simple, context is everything. In the context of enforcing U.N. resolutions, Iraq is just a military action. In the context of a FUCKING WAR, it’s a whole different ballgame. People suddenly expect big results. Nobody wants to lose a war. Bush and his own staff, have gone out of their way to put Iraq in the context of a war.

Everytime Bush talked, or talks about this, the words U.N, Resolutions, and Enforcement should be used. Everytime. But nooooo. War. We’re “at war.” I can’t remember the last time Bush has even mentioned the U.N. when discussing Iraq, and with his insistence on calling it a war, he owns it now. We all do.

Just had to get that out. And McClellan is a dirtbag.

3 Responses to “McClellan Book (and how to not write about the title of a post)”

  1. MCPO Airdale said

    McClellan has a large amount of sand in his vagina over getting fired for Tony Snowe. “Hell hath no fury. . .”

  2. Never thought about that. It is in such subtle ways that the enemy sets the field of battle for us.

    No wonder we always lose. We’re just trying to argue FACTS.

  3. MCPO Airdale said

    As my Dad once said about the U.N. “Police Action” in Korea, “Son, if some sonofabitch you don’t even know is trying to kill you, it’s a war.”

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