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Vegas Construction Site Claims 6th “Victim”

Posted by bmac on June 3, 2008

The MGM’s City Center, is about a mile and a half from my house.

The sixth on-site death occurred Saturday, and the unions are going on strike. Check out the spin from the local CBS affiliate:

Since construction on CityCenter began, six men have died. The latest, 39-year-old Dustin Tarter, a crane worker, was killed Saturday. He is the latest victim who perished on the grounds.

“He is the latest VICTIM.”

Victim? I have sympathy for Dustin Tarters family, but if he was a victim, he was a victim of the unions.

I know a little something about this stuff, because I was in construction, and I worked on a lot of the hotels here in Vegas, and I can tell you this: When you build something of this magnitude (the City Center is HUGE) people are going to die. I don’t care how many safety regulations are in place.

This thing is a gargantuan undertaking. It dwarfs the Bellagio on it’s left, and the Monte Carlo on it’s right.

Let me tell you something else about construction in this town. A 5000 room hotel that in any other city would take 5 years to build, goes from groundbreaking to opening in under 2 here. The problem isn’t safety regulations, it’s working the limited amount of skilled union workers literally to death.

Here would be the usual scenario: Our foreman would come to us at about 2:30 in the afternoon, (we usually got off at 3:00) and inform us that starting today, we’re all working 7 day 12 hour shifts, usually for at least six months, until the hotel is open, so call your wives, and if you don’t like it, leave the job site right now and don’t come back. This is how Union Shops typically treat their Oh-So-Precious workers, and when people start to get hurt, it must be a “safety” problem.

All the OSHA regulations in the world mean exactly dick when you’re on your 180th consecutive twelve hour day, and begin seeing double, talking in gibberish, and praying for death, just so you don’t have to drag your ass out of bed again.

Many guys, (I was never one of them) turn to Meth, just to get through another grueling day, which usually ends badly. If they’re unfortunate enough to have a small accident, they get drug tested, and they’re gone, which means all the other over worked guys have to pick up their slack, and you can begin to see why people start dying on big construction sites.

OSHA then comes in and imposes ridiculous fucking baby rules, that do nothing but slow down the entire process, creating more bullshit for every exhausted guy to deal with, and taking away precious time from an already behind job, that WILL BE completed by the projected opening date NO MATTER WHAT.

The only people to blame here are the greedy fucking asshole unions, who take your money while they work you into an early grave, all while pretending to be on your side, and blaming “Safety Issues” for their slave like working “ethics.”

That’s why I’m no longer in construction, but sadly enough, many of the incredibly skilled union workers are brainwashed into loyalty to these dirtbag motherfuckers that only care about collecting dues from them as they get injured or killed, or lose their families from drug use fueled by being overworked.

One Response to “Vegas Construction Site Claims 6th “Victim””

  1. union said

    Excellent point, great post. Sad situation here in America with the unions, really big business looks at the union and thinks, well, let’s just wear it out like everything else, we should be able to get rid of it eventually that way.

    They are gonna get the unions any way they can. Mostly now, they just dissolve them by outsourcing the gigs, to skilled workers, nothing easier than dumbing down an employee these days, and going route of slow attrition when they have to.

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