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Truther/Teacher, Fasting At McCain’s Phoenix Office

Posted by bmac on June 9, 2008

This idiot saw “Loose Change” and completely lost his mind.

Blair Gadsby, the 45-year-old former owner of an adult-care home and an adjunct professor of religious studies at a community college, never figured he would be the type of person to stage a hunger strike outside the Phoenix office of U.S. Sen. John McCain.

But about a year ago, Gadsby convinced himself that the U.S. government, not terrorists, demolished the World Trade Center buildings in New York on Sept. 11, 2001. And that belief has turned him into a fasting activist.

I wonder how this guy got to be 45 years old being this stupid and gullible. I mean, it’s amazing he hasn’t been swindled out of everything he’s ever owned by Infomercials, if a pieced together internet film made by college students could affect him so profoundly. It’s a miracle he hasn’t accidentally stabbed himself in the eye, or drunk drain cleaner. His very existence, the fact that someone can be this dumb and live to be 45, is a testament to how great this country is.

Once he locked in on the idea that the government planned the murder of thousands of its citizens, it became his overriding priority. He wondered why it wasn’t getting more attention, so he got the idea to sacrifice himself for some attention.

It “wasn’t getting enough attention” because it’s retarded jackass.

In May 2007, Gadsby, who was already skeptical that terrorists caused the attacks, found a video online that showed the collapse of World Trade Center 7. He believes the government has ordered media outlets not to show the footage, which shows the building falling in on itself, much like a building does when it implodes.

Truthers love that building 7 don’t they? It’s the keystone of their entire argument, the one thing they all bring up first, because you know, they’re all experts in building demolition. Never mind the fact that people were working in that building, everyday for the last 25 or so years, including 9/11, and no one saw any demo crews setting the massive amount of charges that would be necessary to bring it down.

I live in a city famous for building implosions, Las Vegas. We have an implosion every other day here. As a result, we get extended coverage of these things, and what many people don’t see is the prep that goes into imploding a building, which takes months of nearly round the clock labor. The buildings you see falling to the ground so beautifully, are barely even buildings anymore by the time the massive amount of explosives are detonated. They’re just empty husks, completely gutted, and every support beam is scored, so that it’s barely even standing.

That’s why it’s called “Controlled Demolition.” The building is this close to falling on itself before any charges are set off. Nobody, not even super secret Government Black Ops Teams can quietly sneak around thousands of people everyday for months, completely unnoticed, to prep a building for demo.

The footage clinched it for Gadsby. He had to rethink all he had accepted about the terrorist attacks. He spent sleepless nights thinking about how the government planted explosions in Building 7 and then, most likely, the twin towers.

Dude, get some sleep.

Read the whole thing, it’s classic truther insanity, and I feel sorry for this assholes wife.

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19 Responses to “Truther/Teacher, Fasting At McCain’s Phoenix Office”

  1. cranky said

    I bet Osama and his goat-fucking buddies are getting pretty tired of the Truthers and their ilk shifting the credit from the Islamotard terrorists who claimed responsibility to a super secret government plot kept secret by a government incapable of keeping a secret.

    And this fucktard is a professor. This kind of shit epitomizes everything that is ‘right’ about higher education in this country.

    Just nail this sacrificial shitbird to a saguaro cactus and let the scorpions feast on him.

  2. bmac said

    Saguaro Cacti are an endangered plant Cranky!! It’s illegal to touch them. (seriously)

    I say we go with a nice barrel cactus, right on his groin. Won’t be much of him left to eat though.

  3. Kowboy said

    How about a rabid badger suppository? He looks like he needs a good “cleansing”.

  4. cranky said

    I know about the Saguaro being endanged. When I lived in Tucson, we would go out to the Saguaro National Monument and get us a few samples to transplant. Insert a Saguaro into a certain orifice and then he’ll know the Truth!

  5. MCPO Airdale said

    I know not from Saguaro. But, I do know that truthers are assholes, the most annoying creatures on the planet and should be put down like rabid raccoons.

  6. Ben said

    Wow, you guys are sure brave to support the narrative of the corporatocracy. What a reserve of strength you must draw upon to keep going, day after day, against all the odds. After all, you manage somehow to trumpet the status quo with pride and panache. You truly lead by example, like any hero, of course your head is way up Michael Chertoff’s spider hole. McCain, son of the Admiral who covered up the Liberty slaughter, is helping to cover up the crimes of today, and he deserves calling out. So deal…

  7. MCPO Airdale said

    Ben – Back on your lithium! Truthers are the absolute scum of the earth. So deal. . .

  8. Ben, you have been reported to the corporatocracy. Expect to be shipped to our secret Halliburton labor camps forwith.

  9. cranky said

    Is Ben someone’s sockpuppet? A real, rational human being could not think and write like that without collapsing on the floor in laughter at the parody he just produced.

    But if Ben is real, I have some swamp land infested with snakes and gators that I need cleared. I’ll have a word with Chertoff and have Ben shipped here. Alabama swamp and 100 degrees in a chain gang with some other Truth believers and some banjo music in the background. You’ll really like this summer camp, Ben.

  10. bmac said

    Looks like he was a drive-by Cranky.

  11. swindled out of everything he’s ever owned by Infomercials

    You know I really resent that because as soon as I have enough money, I’m getting The Magic Bullet. Did you know I’ll be able to do any job in 10 seconds or less? Come on Ben, let’s go! I can see when we’re not wanted!

  12. bmac said

    Isn’t there another “Magic Bullet”?

    Like, not for food?

  13. MCPO Airdale said

    Bmac – For some women, either one will do.

  14. Isn’t there another “Magic Bullet”?

    If there is can you use it on me please? Put me out of my self imposed misery.

  15. Bmac – For some women, either one will do.

    Oh wait, is there something I didn’t understand? gah

  16. bmac said

    If there is can you use it on me please? Put me out of my self imposed misery.

    Yeah, I don’t think Pajama Daddy would be too happy bout that. Plus, I believe it’s a solo kinda deal.

  17. StraightDs said

    Yet another nutjob in a long list of nutjobs. Sadly, America has many on both sides of the aisle.

    Break out the tinfoil hat – I think they are trying to invade my thoughts as I type this. Is that paranoia?
    I feel it burn… I feel it… I…

    Hey! It WAS the Gov-ment who was responsible for 9-11. I see it all clearly now! And that old McCain codger is IN ON IT!
    Now where’s a map? Im on my way to Phoenix to support the cause!

  18. paul revere said

    Wake up Sheeple,

    You are just toting the party line and attacking with ridicule what you dont understand or dont want to know. I used hate any thought that 9/11 could be an inside job. but when that bastard frankenstine obama became president i started using my brain and research skills and am now convinced that this was a job done from above the presidency. i cant say who speifically but i can point a finger at the CFR, the Bilderbergs, trilateral group, these groups are highly suspect of creating a false flag operation as a catylist to bring in their New World Order. please people do some research. dont just ridicule your country and your freedom hang in the ballance. look into the cfr and rockerfeller the eugenicist he wants to reduce the population by 90+ percent. i doubt any of you people are in the top 10%. God be with you.

  19. lorraine said

    what is so apparent is the outright violence in the responses. when did america become the land that we can only have one opinion and verbal abuse is an acceptable response?

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