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Spike Lee Is An Insufferable Jackass

Posted by bmac on June 10, 2008

“We’re not on a plantation”

Same ole same ole, Spike. Any criticism of you is tantamount to being a slave owner.

The only reason Spike Lee even has a career, is precisely because he’s black. If a white filmaker made the absolute shit Spike Lee does, his career would have ended around 1989. Hollywood feels obligated to produce films by Spike Lee, because they’re terrified of him, and of being labeled racists.

His answer to everything is racism, even when he’s become a very wealthy man producing awful movies no one wants to see. Let’s take a look at the awesome earning power of a “Spike Lee Joint.”

According to Wiki, he’s made about 20 movies, grossing approximately $366 million. Sounds great right? Well, that’s an average of 18.3 million per film. Lifetime. Including rentals spanning 20 years.

$18.3 million is a disastrous opening weekend for any film that has the level of distribution and budget Spike gets, let alone for lifetime earnings of a film. For a little perspective, let’s look at what just one of Clint Eastwoods films, “Million Dollar Baby” made. $220 million. In a year. That’s the equivalent of twelve Spike Lee films lifetime earnings.

His biggest, all time grossing movie? “inside Man” which grossed $88 million. You know why? Because Denzel Washington was in it. Because of Denzels star power, “Inside Man” doubled Spikes next highest earner, “Malcom X” starring surprise!……Denzel Washington, 16 years ago.

Spikes two (by far) highest grossing films, both star Denzel Washington. Let’s take Denzel out of the picture and see how well Spikes done without him. Without those two films, Spikes remaining 18 films, average about $12.7 million each.

Just in the interest of being thorough, Spikes third highest grossing film? “The Original Kings Of Comedy” ($38 million) which was no doubt carried by the comedians that were in this “concert” film, certainly not the director.

Subtract Spikes films that were carried by the talent on screen, and we’re down to about $11.3 million average for the remaining 17 films.

Not very impressive. Not very impressive at all. I don’t know of any other directors with that bleak of a 20 year record, that still get to make big budget studio films.

If Spike Lee were not black, he would have been run out of Hollywood a long time ago, because business wise, the guy is a total liability. Let’s face it, Spikes getting special treatment, and it’s not because he’s a gifted director.

Unfortunately, he succeeded in baiting Clint Eastwood into promoting his latest box office disaster, but it doesn’t matter, because no one is willing to sit through the incompetent mess that is a Spike Lee Joint. The numbers speak for themselves.

And Hollywood will gladly foot the bill for this douche, who has probably cost people their jobs to cover the expense of losing millions every time he makes a film, while becoming rich for having no discernible talent, or ability to earn.

28 Responses to “Spike Lee Is An Insufferable Jackass”

  1. Stormy70 said

    Thanks for writing what I am thinking about that colossally ignorant race-monger. He just flat out sucks.

    I would still have Clint’s babies. They would come out of the womb and kick that whiny hack’s ass.

    Hate Spike Lee.

  2. MCPO Airdale said

    Saw Malcolm X and Inside Man. They are the only two Spike Lee movies I’ve ever seen. His world view can be described by, “If all you have is a hammer, all you see are nails.” As to Mr. Lee himself, he’s a little man with a little man’s complex.

  3. bmac said

    Spike Lee is less than a pimple on Clint Eastwoods’ ass.

    Clint has sneezed out bigger movies in his sleep, than Spikes entire 20 year career combined. Shit, Kevin Smith laughs at Spike Lee’s box office.

    Never saw Malcom X, but I have seen at least half of his movies, and trust me, THEY SUCK.

  4. Scoop11 said

    What is the overall budget on his films? If he tends to work on a small budget, and makes a profit off of that budget, it could be another reason why he’s still around.

    Kevin Smith himself said that the reason he’s still able to make movies is that he tends to make a profit for the studio because his budgets are small, and with the built-in fan base he makes $30 million easily on any of his films. Wait…never mind. Kevin Smith does laugh at his box office…

    Anyway, the only movie I saw of his was “Bamboozled.” What I walked away with was the knowledge that he could be a better filmmaker if his messages weren’t so heavy-handed.

  5. Joseph said

    He’s Uwe Boll’s mentor.

  6. StraightDs said

    Spike makes me laugh.
    He is such a hypocrite. He’s gotta be one of the most racist black men walking this earth.

  7. Jackie said

    Spike is like McCarthy. McCarthy saw Communism everywhere just like Spike sees racism everywhere.
    Because of this paranoia, McCarthy’s career ended in disgrace. If there’s any justice in the world, Spike’s will meet a similar fate.

  8. K.O.S. said

    Its funny how critics want to speak on someone, but they could not ever produce something of the same magnitude. All critics do is talk about what could have been different or done better but at the end of the day their words and yours don’t matter. Spike has made pivotal movies for the black community. Paul Mooney said it best, “Everybody wants to be a N***a, but no one REALLY wants to be a N***a.” Mr. Lee has made more money than everyone who has posted here combined twice. On top of that, if you ignorant people look at the history of the matter, hollywood tries to play Spike, therefore he does it on his own and brings the truth to light. Most [white] people can’t handle the truth because they know they are an ugly and crude people. Thus the hate for SPIKE LEE!!!!

    • Anonymous said

      It’s nice to see ignorance and racism go only one way in your world.

    • Anonymous said

      I’ve had farts more entertaining than Spike Lee’s movies. And more truthful. And besides that you have just shown yourself to be as big a racist dumbass as Lee himself, don’t pretend like you know the truth because you obviously wouldn’t know the truth if somebody stuffed it up your ass strapped to a road flare. Nobody tries to olay spike, he’s just plain stupid and gets in his own way. In closing, don’t call someone else ignorant when they know more than you do.

    • Anonymous said

      Did k.o.s. jackass say most [white] people are ugly and crude?
      Well, that explains why k.o.s. likes to kiss spiked pees ass so much.
      Check those crime reports k.o.s. and see who the real ugly and crude people are.
      It’s not that anyone has to check them since we all know what race has such a high rate of felons and so on.
      Now get back to kissing spiked pees ass before he calls you an uncle tom or something, and make you cry.

  9. Anonymous said

    Well I happen to like Spike Lee, as a person. As well as many of his productions. You didnt mention the budget for Spike Lee’s movie SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT where his budget was only $175k. And he grossed enormously over $7 million. Not to mention that it was sot entirely in only two weeks time. He achieved those results from hard work, because there certainly wasnt enougn ‘black people’ in Brooklyn to support this movie alone. He also gave several people he grew up with a start in their careers with this first production of his. There are many other facts you have overlooked, as well. Such as the fact that his 40 acres and a mule production company has over 35 moovies under its belt, as well as grossed $ 3 Billion in domestic sales alone.

    • Anonymous said

      Funny how after you posted this, the board went silent. I’m not a Spike Lee fan but common sense would clearly show anyone who cared to acknowledge the truth that Spike had to be turning a profit in order to stay in the game this long and make millions fot himself. Hollywood has always been racist and its been pretty blatant about it so I really doubt that it would put up funds for Spike just out of fear of being labeled racist. That is nothing new. People need to stop using the race card and do their homework.

    • Anonymous said

      Research those numbers. Three billion dollars? Wow! So, did you just make up that number thinking it was a reasonable amount that people would just take your worthless word for? Re-read original article above, and try again. Or just keep up the bullcrap. I think I know which you will choose.

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    • Anonymous said

      Indeed, he is. I’m sure his not attending the Oscars will just bring Hollywood to a stand-still. For those that don’t get it… that was sarcasm. Rarely has such an idiot been allowed to roam freely for so long, among the public, spewing forth racism, and whining about his shitty movies not getting nominated, and not be remanded for psychological testing. It will come back to you, spiked pee.

  11. rubenaww said

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    • Anonymous said

      Okay. Thanks, Rebenaww. While you’re here, don’t you think spiked pee is a dumbass, racist, piece of crap? You should. (laughing)

  12. Ezekiel Benedict said

    This is so true. I have always been perplexed that somebody who makes movies as bad as him still gets work.

  13. Bub said

    Lee’s always been an overrated racist hack. It’s fitting that a dopey liberal like Roger Ebert adored him. The only movie of Lee’s that I’ve seen was Do the Right Thing. What garbage. A two-hour infomercial on colon cleansing would have been more entertaining.

    • Anonymous said

      If spiked pee can’t rave and rant about ‘WHITES’, he disappears into the nothingness that he is. So… he has to keep trying to make the headlines or else he’ll have to face the fact that he is, indeed, an asshole… and can only play that race card over and over and over. Again… without it, he’d just vanish. And the world will be a better place.

  14. Jim said

    I hate spike lee and I dislike 95% of the black people I have had contact with. I grew up in a racially diverse community with about 50% of my high school being blackk. I had many black friends growing up. Most of them stole from me or betrayed my friendship in some other meaningful way. Now that I’m older I realize that they are different from whites, regardless of the reasons they are what they are and I prefer to have nothing to do with any. I guess I’m racist.

  15. Jim said

    Terrible man .

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