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Hulk Hogan Wants You To Feel Bad For His Family

Posted by bmac on June 11, 2008

Even though they seem to have no compassion whatsoever for the U.S. Soldier Nick Hogan turned into a vegetable.

Poor Nick Hogan. 6 months in jail. 6 whole months of his life of “drifting”, screwing hot chicks, and livin’ off his daddy….gone. And he won’t get it back for, well 6 whole months. What a disaster. What a fucking disaster.

I bet former U.S. Marine John Graziano would be pretty fucking happy to have the kind of problems Nick Hogan does right now, but he’s brain dead.

That doesn’t stop monumental douchebag and selfish crybaby bitch, Hulk Hogan, from whining about how hard this has been on poor Nick, and of course, himself.

“It was like the whole world [was] crashing down on my son,” Hogan explained, at times fighting back tears. “Solitary confinement — most hardened criminals unravel after two or three days. Nick survived in there 28, 29 days. During that period of time, as I’m sitting there, 28 or 29 days, hardly any sleep, I did everything I could, from laugh to cry with my son, to try to tell jokes, to try to be serious, to try to keep him present and aware and walking in the spirit of God and say, be grateful if we get a break. Be grateful if somebody hits us with another slam-dunk, be grateful that we know what is in front of us.

I’d say the whole world crashed down on John Graziano, and not your son, you fucking meatheaded piece of shit. This whole article goes on and on, with Hulk feeling sorry for himself and his useless spawn, and only at the very end, does he even acknowledge Graziano, and even then, he immediately brings it back to himself and his fuckface waste of sperm.

At one point, King asked Hogan if he felt in any way personally responsible for what happened to his son and Graziano, the wrestler said he did.

“It is a constant soul-searching mission,” he said. “We’re to a point with my life and everything that I have — I was almost in a situation where I’m not trying to be a control freak but, knowing what I had at hand with the family, being married 23 years, for everything just to disappear on me, for my wife to file for divorce and the marriage to be broken long before that, and then the accident happened and the civil case, and my son getting put in jail; I just soul-searched, figuring out what could I have done. It’s just hard.”

It just doesn’t get any more self-involved than that.

There’s a guy, a guy who seems to have actually done something with his life and served his country, lying brain dead, while Hulk cries Hulkadile Tears over a very generous 6 month sentence his Hulkaloser asshole son got for essentially killing someone.

They’re also apparently trying to broker some kind of reality TV deal out of all this too, and shame on whoever gives it to them.

They say hardship brings out your true character, and this has shown Hulk Hogan and his familys’ true character to be vapid, self involved, careless monsters.

Good luck buying your talentless daughter a singing career now Hulkster.

Oh wait, that can be something else you want us to weep for you about.

7 Responses to “Hulk Hogan Wants You To Feel Bad For His Family”

  1. I was curious what happened to the passenger in the crash. I keep hearing serious injuries. Interesting, that’s what the media is calling it. They didn’t say that about………Terri Schiavo.

  2. Hulk Hogan Wants You To Feel Bad For His FamilyHim


  3. bmac said

    He’s the one that’s brain dead PJ.

    Ummm….did someone have a couple extra Vicodin today?

  4. forged rite said

    Of course.

  5. He’s the one that’s brain dead PJ.

    Ummm….did someone have a couple extra Vicodin today?

    I was actually responding to the story. I should have said, ooooooooh, so that’s what happened to the guy that was with him, I was curious, the media just keeps saying serious injuries, none of them say brain dead, which then lead me to making my terry schiavo comment. so neener, neener

  6. bmac said

    Sorry PJ, my bad.

  7. 🙂

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