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Posted by bmac on July 7, 2008

How’s everybody doin? Haven’t been around these parts much lately. There’s a few reasons for that, including a new job, spending time in the gym, and generally trying to live a healthier lifestyle, physically and mentally.

One of the things about blogging about politics and news, is that it’s…….depressing. Constantly monitoring the news was really starting to bring me down, as it becomes a never-ending stream of idiotic bullshit, and frankly, I’m tired of being in a state of perpetual rage.

Instead, I’ve been concentrating on more positive things, eating better, smoking less, working out, and my new job which requires me to work a lot of swing and graveyard shifts, (that’s Vegas baby), so my time is split up all weird now.

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll do in the coming weeks and months, but it will definitely not be on the level it was, maybe a post a week or something, if anyone is even still checking here at this point anyway.

Just thought I’d let y’all know.

32 Responses to “Wussup?”

  1. Heh, just don’t totally disappear like Pinto.

  2. Rosetta said

    I’m glad you’re feeling better about life and working to improve yours, bmac. Too much politics, as fun as it can be sometimes, gets depressing.

    What’s the new job? I hope it’s something that you’re fired up about.

    Just don’t forget about your fake internet friends!

  3. bmac said

    No worries DPUD, I’ll be checking in regularly, but posting will be light for awhile, excluding something that really grabs my attention.

    Rosetta, I’m working for a casino, and it’s actually kinda fun to have an official “job” compared to being independently employed for the last 12 years. It’s nice to have my responsibility end when I clock out!

    Just don’t forget about your fake internet friends!


  4. Rosetta said

    It’s nice to have my responsibility end when I clock out!

    It’s one of those things where the grass is always greener. I haven’t had that in almost 14 years and there are times I really miss it.


    Bob Munck.

  5. Rosetta said

    A good thing about working in a casino is that you will probably have some new stories to share.

    Don’t get arrested for skimming.

  6. generally trying to live a healthier lifestyle, physically and mentally.


    You could always start a “Mom blog” No politics there.

  7. bmac said



  8. MCPO Airdale said

    “Mommy blogs” – YUK!

  9. nicedeb said

    I know what you’re saying bmac. Life’s too short to spend half of it on the computer. And there are a lot of freaks online…that can get you down.

  10. Rosetta said

    And there are a lot of freaks online…that can get you down.

    It’s not nice to call pajama momma a freak on bmac’s blog, NiceDeb.

  11. It’s not nice to call pajama momma a freak on bmac’s blog, NiceDeb.

    You’re not the boss! NiceDeb can call me a freak wherever she wants!!!11!!

  12. I, too, am reaching a similar state of ennui, hence my light blooging/commenting.

    Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It makes you stress out and use gay words like ennui.

  13. bmac said


    Whatever that means, it’s exactly how I feel Cuff!

  14. nicedeb said

    No, freaky people like the male lesbian who gets off on enormously obese women with humongous boobs.

  15. cranky said

    Male lesbian? That Kerry Marie sure is a morbidly obese chubby.

  16. Rosetta said

    If you would spend more time looking at hot chicks like Kerry Marie you would be in a state of emmooi rather than ennui.

  17. cranky said

    What’s emmooi? Is is an STD?

  18. Rosetta said

    No, emmooi is the state of euphoria that you feel when you see a picture of Kerry Marie or a similarly buxom beauty.

    bmac, how the job? Are you adjusting to working odd hours?

    Are you liking working at a casino?

    What casino?

    Do you get free booze and hookers?

    Why not?

    I hope all is well, buddy.

  19. bmac said

    Hey Rosetta! Thanks for askin’! Just happened to check in, and there you are.

    Yeah, I like working at the casino, (rather not say which one, I’m sure you understand).
    I’m actually doing valet, which is fun, and pretty good money, as well as keeping me in good shape. Oddly enough, most of the guys doing it are my age, and it’s a tough job to get without juice. Luckily, I had some.

    The hours are a little hard to get used to, I’m not always sure what day it is when I get off work at 8 AM, but I’m the new guy, so I gotta work the shit shifts for a lttle while. I have a good shot at an engineering job (marble repair, my real trade) at another hotel/casino, so I’m looking at the valet thing as temporary until that comes through. Just a waiting game on that one, but it’s a job that I could retire from. Great money and bennies(non union) Three of my old constuction buddies are in there, and trying to get me in, but it’s slow, so they’re not hiring right now.

    NOBODY gets free booze and hookers anymore buddy!

    I miss all my fake innernet friends, just been focusing on other shit!

    Enough about me, let’s talk about me for awhile! HaHaHa

    How you doin? Drank any Diablo’s lately? Killed any hobos? Found any new Kerry Marie pictures?

  20. Rosetta said

    I’m glad you have some other stuff in the hopper.

    Doing nightshift valet at a casino would be fun for a short time just for general life experience. But it would get old after a while I would think.

    Hopefully the engineering gig pans out. Having three guys on the inside will surely help. It’s all who you know, brother.

    Nothing really new here. With the exception of last week, the market has sucked donkey balls so that’s never good for us or our clients. But bad markets happen so we’ll get through it. I’m sure when Obama’s elected the market will go through the roof!!!!!11!

    I haven’t been on a search for any new Kerry Marie pictures recently however I think she might be due for another BBF appearance.

    Since most everyone whines about her being fat anyway I may use the fattest picture I can find and let everyone kiss my ass.


    If anything new happens on the job front, update your post.

    And no Diablos recently but I did just get a new bottle of Patron…

  21. Ed said

    I feel your pain brotha. I’m in the same boat. At this point I’m just struggling to keep my head above water on the web. But I fight on, because if I don’t then who will? Good luck buddy and stay in there! Snap… Crack… Woosh!

  22. union said

    Definitely, take it easy.

  23. Rosetta said



    I hope all is well buddy.

  24. bmac said

    Worse than Pajama Momma’s?

    What’s up Rosie!

  25. Rosetta said

    Nothing is worse than pajama momma’s blog including:

    1) Being gang-raped in prison
    2) Having your eyes gouged out with a grapefruit spoon
    3) Losing both arms in a thresher accident
    4) Your parachute not opening during a skydive
    5) Being Tazed in the nads for 24 straught hours

    Things are great with me. Anything new on that engineering gig? I hope all is well with you and mrs. bamc.

    I’ll be glad when your sabbatical is over but I hope you’re enjoying your time away.

  26. You two can kiss my big fat pimply white ass!

  27. found a blog right up your alley bmac


  28. bmac said


    Free range kids! Shocking!!

    How ya doin’ PJ?

  29. cranky said

    Hey! How ya doing these days?

  30. Fess up, bmac — you’re currently in the middle of a drum circle in Denver.

  31. Bmac, you’re not kiddin’ about the news cycle and depression.

    (Note post date) I just spent about 2 1/2 months without internet. I can’t believe how relaxed I was at the end – and how quickly the stress and anger built up again after I started surfing and reading politics/GW/world news, etc again.

    I think I’d live longer if I quit.


  32. bmac said

    Hey McGoo!!

    Yes, it’s hard to keep away from the intentional self abuse.

    But I try.

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