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Post-Election Ranting

Posted by bmac on November 5, 2008

We crossed a line tonight.

We crossed a line into a very different country. Yes, it was an historic night. It was the night America sold out everything we ever stood for. The night 40 years of liberal indoctonation took firm hold of the soul of this once great country. The night the terrorists won. Don’t worry about an attack now, what would be the point? Only seven years after 9-11, we elected a guy named Barack Hussein Obama. We lost.

We elected the European model. We elected appeasement. We elected a celebrity instead of a leader. The chickens of Paris Hilton, TMZ, Pam Anderson, Jerry Springer, and Oprah have come home to roost. Congratulations America, and shame on you. You bought a Yugo. Didn’t even test drive it.

Obama’s not the problem. Spoiled, ignorant Americans are the problem. A Republican Party so eager to sell us out, to “lesser of two evils” us into Socialism, to stand for nothing, is the problem.

There is no Republican Party, we knew that when we got hoodwinked into McCain, and we did get hoodwinked. We are a one party system now folks. Democracy died today after a four year battle with cancer. A cancer that started with Bush’s second term. A cancer of RINO’s led by John McCain, and helped along by Bush. A cancer of a media that is literally PRAVDA. A cancer that is now inoperable.

We have become everything we ever despised as Americans. Tonight, we lost our independence, our free thinking, and our self reliance. The MSM is now our Master. And we Obeyed.

Republicans lost pretty much across the board tonight, and I can’t help but think it was by design. I have no other explanation for such fucking incompetence. McCain was a joke, and Repubs in general bent over for the ass-fucking of a lifetime. At our expense.

I had hopes a McCain loss could mean a regrouping of the Republican Party, but now I’m not sure it matters. We’re too stupid for a responsible, accountable government. We proved it tonight. The crowning of this Manchurian Candidate, a guy with so much dirt on him he made Edwards look like Reagan, an untested, unaccomplished, terrorist sympathiser with no aquaintance that was not a criminal/America hating/anti-semite/felon, or general malcontent, is truly frightening.

We lost more than an election tonight, we lost our soul as a nation.

Actually, we didn’t lose it, we gave it away.

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