A Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever

Now With Electrolytes!


Hi, I’m bmac. Pronounced Bee-Mac, kinda like J-Lo. I had a blog called “is this thing on?” This is basically the same blog, different bloghost, different name, same dude. I moved posts I liked over here, but most people don’t go through archives so…whatever, they’re here.

I’m a 43 year-old man, happily married, no kids (yet), 2 awesome dogs. I own and operate a small business, but was formerly a musician, and marble mason, among other fun stuff.

Politically, I’m a conservative. Formerly a liberal. (I got better)

I moved a perfectly good blog to wordpress, because there are more posting options, and I think it looks nicer overall, and I hated the name of my old blog, which with blogger, is unchangeable.

I live in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, been here most of my life, but I’ve lived in Alaska, upstate New York, and Los Angeles.

I started blogging because my wife has heard my opinions on things ad nauseum, and discussing politics is pretty much impossible to do in the real world without getting into a fistfight.

My email is: imbmac@yahoo.com to tell me what you really think.

14 Responses to “About”

  1. Exspider said

    Hello Bmac! I like your attitude, and appreciate the link. I’ll be returning the favor.

    My websites ware hatched when John Kerry made his bid for CIC in 2004. I’ve always been a geek and it was just the excuse I needed to get into web authoring. I fought with and watched men die in South Vietnam and that jerk was the last straw. Politics just isn’t what it used to be for this old dog.

    And yes, there is a fine line between illusion and reality also. At least we’re on the same page so to speak.

    Catch later Bmac, I’m going to go throw a log (carbon credit) on the fire and try to figure out where we should draw the line in the sand. Hmm?


  2. bmac said

    Thanks Exspider, and thanks for your service, I salute you.
    I actually tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me do it, I’ll try again.

  3. debbie said

    Hi bmac,
    I am an English teacher in Germany and today I read a great part of your blog because I share many views with you. I was trying to get a text about tattoos for class and I found it in your blog. It really states my opinion, too.

  4. bmac said

    Wow, you’re gonna use some of my blog in a class?
    I hope you don’t get fired!
    Thanks, that’s quite a compliment, and I would like to see how you used it if I could. Would you email it to me?

  5. Nigel said


    How the hell did I miss your blog? Methinks we were in a band together once…

  6. bmac said

    Nigel, oddly enough, I like your style.

    Hope you don’t think I ripped you off in any way, but even if I did, you could never prove it because, as you know, “you can’t really dust for vomit.”

    Adding you to my blogroll.

  7. Nigel said

    Actually, I think your blog predates mine slightly (by at least one month)…

    So I was hoping you weren’t thinking I was ripping YOU off…

  8. bmac said

    Cool, let’s call it even.

    Spinal Tap themed right wing political blogger/morons gotta stick together!

  9. StraightDs said

    I found you while searching for “Spike Lee is a jackass.”
    I kid you not – that was how specific my search was.
    Hmmm. You conservative. I liberal. Both thinking the exact same thing.
    Oh well. I will try not to piss anyone off.


  10. bmac said

    Oh well. I will try not to piss anyone off.

    Everyone here has a pretty good sense of humor D.
    Agreeing that Spike Lee is a jackass gets us off to a great start.

    Liberals, conservatives, agreeing on stuff, cats and dogs sleeping together, HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

  11. Hey BMAC, send me the link to your music. My best friend is drumming in LA right now and is playing all the places you mentioned over at WP

  12. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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