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Grrrl Power!

Posted by bmac on May 14, 2008

Barbara Walters exposes herself as the “Shameless media whore” she really is.

THE backlash has begun against Barbara Walters for admitting in her autobiography, “Audition,” to an adulterous affair 30 years ago with Edward Brooke, the then-married Massachusetts senator, while she was simultaneously seeing AlanAce Greenberg, who became chairman of Bear Stearns.

Example # 10,287 of too much information. Why would you reveal this stuff at 102 years old? To what end? What does she possibly have to gain by revealing what a soulless homewrecker she is?

My theory: She desperately wants to be “Hip,” like those awesome babes on “Sex And The City.” Check out this exchange:

“Barbara Walters is a shameless media whore,” says Marc Dice, spokesman for conservative media watchdog group The Resistance. “Barbara has now sunk to the very level of other attention-starved celebrities such as Paris Hilton or even Steve-O from ‘Jackass.’ “

The whores camp answered back thusly:

Walters’ spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, told Page Six: “This conservative watchdog seems to have lived a sheltered life in his doghouse.”

Yep, the conservative Marc Dice just ain’t down with OPP, so he’s “uptight.” I guess Marc Dice is just pissed because he couldn’t fuck his way to the top while wrecking marriages, like feminist slut Barbara Walters.

in “Audition,” Walters also reveals she broke up with Brooke only after Pete Peterson, the Blackstone Group founder who was Richard Nixon’s commerce secretary, told her that her bosses at NBC wouldn’t look kindly on her affair. But by the time she told Brooke it was over, he’d already asked his wife of 30 years for a divorce.

What a cunt. Carrie Bradshaw ain’t got nothin’ on Babs.

“Audition” also reveals that after breaking up with Brooke, Walters continued seeing Greenberg while also dating Alan Greenspan, the future Federal Reserve chairman.

Good grief, Barbara Walters was like a spooge sock for the rich and powerful.


That is, when she wasn’t destroying 30 year marriages.

Nice way to head into your twilight years with dignity there Babs.

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Hef No Longer A Pimp

Posted by bmac on March 14, 2008

I’m bored with the news today, and I read an interesting little post at one of my favorite blogs, Rants and Raves, about Hugh Hefner. I like Hef, everybody does, but have you seen his reality show on E!, or I should say his girlfriends (3) reality show on E! called “The Girls Next Door”?


If you haven’t, the short and curly of it is, Hef has three “girlfriends” that live at the Playboy mansion, (in their own rooms) and I guess they alternate nights or something, in a kind of harem type of dealie, and the show follows their hilarious antics as basically paid prostitutes. Unless twenty-something hot blonde chicks are really into an 82 year old man and his fogey friends who get together on “movie night” to watch Casablanca for the 10,000th time.

The show is entertaining, obviously, because the chicks are smokin’ hot, but there’s a couple things I don’t get.

1. Why does Hef have to support these girls? Their only redeeming quality seems to be their hotness, they really are dumb as a box of rocks, and Hef could have hot and cold running hotness any day of the week. He can’t possibly be keeping them around for conversation. They also seem to be in a state of arrested development, these girls are in their late-twenties, and their rooms all look like Hello-Kitty exploded, all pink and fuzzy and child like. It’s kind of creepy really.

2. This show kind of makes Hef look like a desperate old man that has to support his young girlfriends in order to keep them around. I understand this show probably makes a pretty decent amount of cash for Hef, but damn, to me at least, he’s lost all pimp cred by footing the bill for these gold digging nitwits. I mean, couldn’t he pay for an apartment for them off campus? Just have them sit there like good little ho’s until the Viagra kicks in?

Cause that’s what he’s doing now, except the entire Playboy mansion staff has to wait on these Barbie Dolls hand and foot. That must really piss them off. I just can’t understand why Hef would be cool with looking like a lame sugar daddy.

3. These girls families make appearances on the show occasionally, including their fathers, and I just have to wonder about advertising on national TV that your daughter is Hef’s live in fuck buddy. I guess some dudes have no shame if it means getting near Hef.

I really wonder what the arrangement Hef has with these girls is? He’s gonna die soon. Do they get kicked to the curb? That’ll be a blow to 3 girls who are used to calling up the Chef at all hours to have him whip up a Pop-Tart. Do they get a nice severance package when Hef goes to the grotto in the sky? If so, why? How would his daughter (who runs the empire) feel about sharing the Hefner fortune with 3 idiots whose only purpose was to look pretty, and bone her dad when he was so inclined?

These are tough questions, but I’m incredibly bored.

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Fuck You Ron Paul

Posted by bmac on December 19, 2007

“When fascism comes to this country, it’ll be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

In fairness, he was quoting Sinclair Lewis, but the implication is clear. This idea that Conservative Christians are somehow fascists is really getting fucking tired, and it’s retarded to boot. If anything, fascism is a leftist paradigm.


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Bush 41 And Bill Clinton-BFF?

Posted by bmac on December 18, 2007

What is it with these two?


I get that they teamed up for various fund raising, but somethings weird about this buddy buddy relationship they got goin’ on. This is exactly why I’m wary of trusting Republicans these days.

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday that the first thing his wife Hillary will do when she reaches the White House is dispatch him and his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, on an around-the-world mission to repair the damage done to America’s reputation by the current president — Bush’s son, George W. Bush.

Is 41 really on board with this? These two are so diametrically opposed, I just don’t get how they’re such good pals these days. Sorta like James Carville and Mary Matalin. Those two always gave me the creeps.  Anything is possible, but a marriage tends to be between like minded people, and when your fundamental belief system is 180 degrees from your spouse, I gotta call bullshit.

With Matalin being Cheney’s adviser, and Carvilles attachment to the Clintons, and now Bush 41 and Bubba snapping towels at each other, the relationship between the Bush people and the Clintonistas seems a little too friendly to me. Has for a long time.

If I was conspiratorially minded, I’d be a little weirded out.

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Merry Christmas!….We’re All Gonna Die!

Posted by bmac on November 30, 2007

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels wrote a letter to Santa, to save him from global warming.

Talk about thin ice! It sounds like you had one doozy of a summer up in the North Pole, and quite frankly I’m worried. I read the stories about how the Arctic sea ice shrank to a record low this year and that scientists are pointing the finger at global warming. Some say if we don’t do something to cut greenhouse gas emissions soon, the North Pole might be ice free in summer as early as 2030. Reindeer fly, but can they swim, too?I for one would rather not find out. That’s why we’re launching “Operation Save Santa.”


Merry Christmas kids!

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I Used To Like Robert Redford

Posted by bmac on October 24, 2007

God I’m sick of these fucking retard billionaire actors bitching. They don’t even understand what they’re bitching about. Here’s Robert Redford in an interview discussing his entry into the anti-war Oscar blitz.

“Our country has hit a point where we have lost so much,” he said. “We have lost lives, we’ve lost sacred freedoms, we’ve lost financial stability; we’ve lost our position of respect on the world stage.”

Exactly what sacred freedoms have we lost, you prick? I love when liberals try to say we’ve lost freedoms while pimping a movie that attacks the President, the military, and the country in general. Can you possibly be more of a fucking hypocrite you asshole?

Financial stability? Are you kidding me? How have you suffered financially there Mr. Sundance?

Respect on the world stage? Newsflash jackass, we haven’t been respected on the world stage since about 1945. Personally, I don’t give a fuck what some machiatto sipping, three hour lunch taking, Eurotrash idiot thinks about me or my country, while painting a pastel of their own demise.

I’m glad his piece of shit movie is gonna tank. Especially considering he had to pay Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep, whose salaries are more than some whole countries GDP.

Speaking of Cruise, he’s walking on eggshells with this movie. Here’s what that brainiac had to say:

Cruise, kept largely above the political fray, merely expressing hope that the talky multi-strand pic in which he plays a power-hungry Republican senator “will challenge and engage an audience, so that they can come out and have dialogue.”

Ughh. “Challenge and engage.” Typical idiot safe words. I’m challenged and engaged by “The Lord Of The Rings,” not some third graders vision of global politics. And the best part “So they can come out and have dialogue.” Dialogue. I’m so sick of that word. I think Tom envisions groups of people meeting after the movie for coffee, and dialoguing. Yeah Tom, that’s gonna happen, you couch jumping monkey.

Here it is if you want to read it.

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McCain Officially Becomes Senile

Posted by bmac on October 23, 2007

McCain says he wants to shoot Osama

Ok, off to a good start John!

Republican presidential candidate John McCain told workers of small weapons factory that he not only wants to catch Osama Bin Laden if elected, but said he “will shoot him with your products”.


I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and I will shoot him with your products,” McCain said.

??????????!!!! Does he mean bullets?

McCain told reporters afterward he was joking when he made the comment at Thompson Center Arms in Rochester.

“I certainly didn’t mean I would actually shoot him. I am certainly angry at him, but I was only speaking in a way that was trying to emphasize my point,” McCain said. “I would not shoot him myself.”

Well, at least McCain is “angry” at Bin Laden. And now he’s not commited to shoot him with “products.” Nice save John!

Story here.

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