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Cable Channel Almost Admits Bias…Almost

Posted by bmac on November 6, 2007

Cable Channel Nods To Ratings And Leans Left.

Riding a ratings wave from “Countdown With Keith Olbermann,” a program that takes strong issue with the Bush administration, MSNBC is increasingly seeking to showcase its nighttime lineup as a welcome haven for viewers of a similar mind.

A “ratings wave?”  Olberman pulls about 400,000 viewers a night. That’s not even a ratings ripple. For contrast, Katie Couric on CBS is a dismal failure, pulling 6 million a night. O’Reilly gets about 2 million, more than the entire MSNBC prime time lineup combined.  And really, 2 million viewers in a nation of 300 million ain’t exactly blockbuster numbers. I’d bet reruns of “That 70’s Show” regularly out-preform O’Reilly.

Having a prime-time lineup that tilts ever more demonstrably to the left could be risky for General Electric, MSNBC’s parent company, which is subject to legislation and regulation far afield of the cable landscape. Officials at MSNBC emphasize that they never set out to create a liberal version of Fox News.

“It happened naturally,” Phil Griffin, a senior vice president of NBC News who is the executive in charge of MSNBC, said Friday, referring specifically to the channel’s passion and point of view from 7 to 10 p.m. “There isn’t a dogma we’re putting through. There is a ‘Go for it.’”

 Yeah, “Go for it.”  If any fewer people were watching MSNBC, they could just blog it, and save all that money on TV production. And if Hillary gets elected? Might as well shut it down. Typical lefty idea of success, just like Air America.

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The Most Destructive Decade

Posted by bmac on October 30, 2007

We’ve only been prosperous as a country for about 50-60 years. When you think about it, the luxuries we enjoy and take for granted every day, were a pipe dream for most of our parents. When my dad was a kid for example, they didn’t have a refrigerator, they had an icebox. When I was a kid, our telephone was part of the old party line system, that is, we shared a line with one or two other families, and you’d pick up the phone, and half the time someone was talking, and you’d have to say “excuse me,” and wait till they got off.  That was the 60’s.

The boomers, which I missed by about 7 years, were the first generation in this country to be part of prosperous households, or the middle class, which didn’t really exist before the 50’s. I bet most people under 35, don’t even know that. They just assume Americans have always been prosperous, or at least for the last 100 years, and that there’s always been a middle class. It’s this lack of knowledge, that creates the idea that Americans are “privileged,” that the left loves to exploit as a major part of their propaganda machine.

The result of that first generation to be prosperous? They turned on everything that afforded them the same luxuries their parents never had, and made the 60’s a mess of a decade that is still wreaking havoc on us in 2007.

The 60’s are the core of the left’s playbook. They’ve glamorized the 60’s to such a degree, that protesting, questioning authority, and all that mess, are just automatic knee-jerk reactions to young adults, and older leftists, no matter how innocuous the subject of their disdain. The things leftists are enraged about today are laughable, and embarrassing, but the mind set is so deep, it just doesn’t matter, they gotta be pissed off about something, anything.

The activists in the 60’s had some legit beefs. Civil rights needed to happen. Whether or not you agreed with Vietnam, the draft was in effect, and chances were, you were going. I get being pissed about it.

In 2007, we have civil rights up the ying yang, we’re in a “war” that no one is being drafted to fight, the casualties and carnage of said conflict, are not much worse than that of say, Detroit, in the last four years, and as far as freedom of speech goes, well you’re reading my words right now, as you can read the words of anyone with access to the Internet.

There’s not much to be really all that upset about, let alone the absolute unbridled seething rage that comes from the left, that many feel is going to lead to violence in the coming year. Americans don’t learn their history, even recent history, and now we get over-educated dummies, dupes of the left and the university system, willing to kill Americans over nothing, brainwashed by the liberal media and college faculty to believe our country is everything that’s wrong with the world.

In conclusion of this long winded post, I’d say we have it so good in America, we’re so comfortable in 2007, we literally have to make up crises that do not exist. Anyone under 60 years old has never really dealt with hardship, and the 60’s and the boomers have spawned several generations of ignorant, spoiled, and delusional people that, for lack of a better word, are insane. 

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It’s Pat!

Posted by bmac on October 11, 2007

So, if I put on a wig, makeup, and heels, can I get kicked out of a womens restroom and sue? I saw this “woman” on the Today show this morning, and I’m still not convinced this is a female. Kahdija has a very deep masculine voice, and wears a mans suit.


“She” was on with “her” lawyer, and the lawyer (who was clearly gay), wants “training programs” put in place for employees of restaurants, so this unthinkable tragedy doesn’t happen again to any one of the 0.0000012% of the population that refuses to commit to a gender. Oh, and I’m pretty sure they want a shitload of money too.

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Common Sense Being Bred Out Of People

Posted by bmac on October 9, 2007

You’ve probably heard about the McDonalds strip search suit that just resulted in the victim getting 6.1 million. I wasn’t too aware of the details of this case until just the other night when I saw 20/20, or 48 hours, whichever did a piece on it.

The people involved in this case are so astoundingly stupid, it boggles the mind. Only in America do people get rewarded for such a profound lack of common sense. I’m often surprised that people this dumb actually manage to stay alive, that they haven’t been killed by like, accidentally stabbing themselves in the eye, or drinking paint. I’m especially shocked that the female manager-Donna Summers- got a million dollar award for helping instigate the sexual assault of a young girl by her own fiancee’. I guess the jury has also narrowly escaped natural selection as well.

This is a phenomenon that I briefly discussed here, basic common sense is being bred out of people, probably due to the ridiculous amount of safety precautions we force on the public. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore, and if you get hurt somehow due to your stunning lack of common sense, call a lawyer (preferably one with a ponytail) and get rich, because the jury will be full of retards that miraculously survived the morning.

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California Tackles The Big Issues

Posted by bmac on October 4, 2007

I’m old enough (43) to have actually smoked on a plane. Doesn’t that sound insane in 2007?  Soon, in California, you won’t be able to smoke in your apartment.  Here in my hometown of Las Vegas, you cannot smoke in bars that serve food, as I’ve posted about before here, and here. 

These laws are easy to pass, because people have a vitriolic hatred of smokers. When they walk into that voting booth, it’s the one issue that they get to directly screw over people they don’t like. Constitution be damned, it’s payback time bitch! Eat it you asshole smoker, because you had the audacity to have made me mildy uncomfortable on a few occasions.

The people who whine and cry about the Patriot Act taking away our liberties, are the exact same people that can’t take mine away fast enough.

As a smoker, these bans don’t have that big an effect on me, because I really don’t get out much. What infurates me, is that we have become such a nation of pussies. A nation that is more terrified of cigarette smoke, than of actual terrorists.

I’ve said it before, these bans are the first step to a fascist state. Smoking, trans fats, they start with the easy targets. Everyone hates smokers and fat people. Eventually, they’ll ban something you may care about.

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Plan Uses Taxes to Fight Climate Change

Posted by bmac on September 27, 2007

The Democrats, how could you not vote for them?


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MSNBC Newsroom Booed Bush State Of The Union Speech

Posted by bmac on August 16, 2007

No surprise here. What bugs me is not that they’re biased, that’s a given. What bugs me is that they are such children. Booing the state of the union address? Cheering Karl Rove resigning? What are they…12?
What kind of retards are working at the MSNBC newsroom?
Seriously, cheering Rove’s resignation? Do they think that really matters? It’s not like he got caught with a 9 year old boy. Bush is a lame duck at this point, do they think Rove leaving is some kind of gigantic victory for the left? Do they get a gold star to put on the fridge? An extra 5 minutes for recess? Do they get to stay up past thier bed-time? Now it makes a little more sense why this day-care center employs “grown-ups” like Olberman and Mathews.

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“Judge” Suspended With Pay

Posted by bmac on August 16, 2007


This is a Judge in Las Vegas, that was recently suspended with pay, $130,000/ year.

Some of the allegations against her include:

Asking a bailiff to kill her husband.

Making aides rub her feet.

Regularly sleeping in court.

Dining with jurors, during a case.

Being abusive to staff. And a host of other nonsense. Obviously, this woman is obese, in fact, she can’t walk, and has oxygen tubes up her nose at all times. But of course we can’t hold that against her, and here is the obligatory PC piece in the local paper pointing out that her weight is irrelevant.
Uhh..I think it is relevant. Being morbidly obese speaks directly to your character as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t make the proper judgement on weather or not to have another twinkie, am I supposed to trust you’ll make the proper judgement as may regard something important? I’m just glad they ferreted out this nightmare before she could do any major damage. She only began her tenure as a judge in January.
This is the problem with electing judges. If you’re not directly involved in the legal/court system, how are you supposed to know anything about these people? Most responsible people don’t have the time to research that stuff. I for one, won’t cast a vote if I don’t know anything about that person, and that’s how people like this get elected. Maybe we need a new system.

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Posted by bmac on July 27, 2007

This is from a reporter at Yahoo! Sports(?), on the Michael Vick dog-fighting case, on the Yahoo home page, titled Racial Divide. I posted on this earlier, but decided to change my take on it.
here was America in full force, full vision, mixing it up while Vick pled not guilty to federal charges pertaining to an alleged dog-fighting ring on property he owned in rural Surry County. And front and center, impossible to ignore, was race.
almost all of the people supporting Vick or holding signs pleading for “due process” and “innocence until proven guilty” were African American
On the other side was an emotional, angry, passionate anti-Vick group that was overwhelmingly white.
Already, we have a problem. I wasn’t there, so I will have to guess on some things. I know that in a high profile case like this, groups send out people to stir things up. On the Pro-Vick side, I would guess the agenda was to make this a racial issue, that a black celebrity is getting railroaded. On the “other side”, animal activists, probably PETA, using this for their agenda. Both are despicable.
But let’s concentrate on the “writer” for Yahoo! Sports(?), and how he chooses to portray both groups.
Here’s a sample of the “anti-Vick” crowd:
“Burn in hell you (expletive) (expletive),” repeatedly screamed one woman.
Die like those dogs,” shouted another.
Now, the “people supporting Vick”:
“I wouldn’t say it’s a racial thing,” said David Williams, an African American, in a hopeful tone. “It’s not racial. But for these animal rights people to take one person and crucify him isn’t fair.”
Two black women held a sign declaring: “I support Mike Vick due process.”
Pretty big difference there. The “people supporting Vick” just want “due process.” The “anti Vick” crowd, all but want to form a lynch mob on the spot. I’d say there may be some bias happening here.The Yahoo! Sports(?) guy then goes on to offer this:
That a case involving dog fighting can break so quickly along racial lines is a testament to how it bubbles below just about everything in this country. We all wish it wasn’t so, including both sides here. No one wanted this. Almost no one even wanted to acknowledge it. But it was there, plain as day in black and white.
Wow, just wow. I guess the PETA people really lost this one.
If you want to read it it’s here: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=dw-vickhearing072607&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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Things That Baffle Me Today

Posted by bmac on June 27, 2007

I guess Tina Brown has some new book about Princess Di out that is a best seller, and the 2 sons of Di were on TV this week also, probably garnering huge ratings. For the life of me, I cannot understand the fascination with this woman. Why in the world do Americans care about this stuff? Is it just women who feed this never-ending Princess Di machine? The Royals are so boring, I’m getting sleepy just writing her name. I mean, at least useless American celebrity tabloid fodder actually do stuff, like get drunk, drive, go to jail. But the Royals just sit there, like stick people and……….Whoops, fell asleep. If you care at all about Princess Di, or any Royal family member, I suggest you slit your wrists immediately, because your life is too boring to carry on. Make sure to feed the cats first.

John Kerry wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Why dosen’t he just tattoo the Soviet Hammer and Sicle on his forehead? Who votes for this emasculated, effeminate, woman-man? All politics aside, at least Bush is a Dude. What’s wrong with Massachusetts? Is it populated with latte-drinking, Oprah-watching, Metro-sexual, Girly-men who vote for this tool? If you’re a man, and you find one redeeming quality in John Kerry, you should go right out and get a pair of leather chaps, highlight your hair, and get a rainbow bumper sticker for your Prious.

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