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Friday Music Blogging

Posted by bmac on October 26, 2007

Friday’s should be kinda fun, so I’m going to review a few of my favorite “Rockumenteries” each week. I love rockumenteries. Just love em. You don’t even have to like the music or artist to be entertained by what usually ends up being a horribly embarrassing expose’ of what idiots most of these guys are. Rock stars tend to be dipshits, and nothing drives that home more than the simple act of letting a film crew document your every moronic move that does not involve being on a stage.

This week: Metallica-Some Kind Of Monster.


I love this movie, because I hate Metallica, and nobody could have made them look worse than they happily did themselves. This film documents the making of their crappy flop of an album “St. Anger,” that only took them like, three years to complete. Why so long you may ask. Surely, a band as crappy as Metallica can churn out another recycled piece of garbage faster than that!

Not when they have a $30,000 a month psychiatrist in the studio with them they can’t! This is where the fun begins. We get to see the members of Metallica literally remove their own balls, and sacrifice all remaining vestiges of their manhood and testosterone, on the alter of “Feelings.” James Hetfield actually begins the movie as a man, even being the sole person to tell Lars Ulrich to go fuck himself, but after six months of rehab, and sessions with their in house ball-remover, becomes like the others, a confused eunuch with lots of feelings that need to be empowered or something.

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth even turns in a stunningly awkward appearance, crying like a little bitch about being kicked out of Metallica 25 years ago. These therapists really know how to bring out the inner little girl in these guys.

Whatever credibility Metallica had left, was completely torpedoed by their own film. This is an interesting study in how you can’t sustain the “angry young man” thing into middle age. Metallica, like most every other rock band, ultimately became everything they railed against, and then some. 

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Some Cool Geetar Playin’

Posted by bmac on October 20, 2007

Another guy that’s been doing this tapping technique for years is Michael Hedges, but this guy, Andy Mckee, is pretty awesome.

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For Guitar Geeks Only

Posted by bmac on October 11, 2007

This is kinda old, but you may not have heard about it. Fender has made limited edition exact replicas of Eddie Van Halens “Frankenstein” guitar.


The price? Only $25,000. They only made 300 of them. If you’ve got 7.5 million layin’ around, you could scoop em all up! Or, just make easy monthly payments of  $750.00!

While I think this is really cool, I just can’t see paying $25,000 for a copy of a guitar that cost maybe $200 for Eddie to cobble together. Check out the pictures though, they really made a painstaking effort to get every single detail of Eddie’s piece of crap exact, right down to the 1971 quarter screwed in under the bridge. I guess this is for collectors only, but I just don’t see how this would hold it’s value.

Fender had a series a few years ago called “Relics,” Stats and Teles that were “aged” to look worn and old. They were selling for around $2500-3000.

Sorry, but you just can’t buy cool.

When I was learning to play guitar, Eddie was the big dog. He set the standard for just about every (rock) guitar player in the late ’70’s and ’80s. Probably the most imitated guitar player that ever lived (yes, more than Hendix or Clapton,) most of his imitators missed a key element of his playing, his soul. Ed’s a very soulful player, but players got caught up in all the flash. Unfortunately, Ed’s musical well ran dry, somewhere around 1986. I’m still debating whether or not to see the reunion tour.

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Radiohead Realize People Don’t Buy Albums (CD’s) Anymore

Posted by bmac on October 1, 2007

In a break from industry tradition the UK band famous for hits including Creep, Paranoid Android and Karma Police, has told fans “it’s up to you” what they pay to digitally download the album.

 There’s a big misconception that if you sell a couple million albums, you’re set for life. The truth is, artists make very little on record sales. The industry standard is 7-10% for each record. For a $16.00 cd…..$1.60. And if it’s a band, split that $1.60 4-5 ways. You could sell 2-3 million records, and make less than a plumber. This is how “Behind The Music’s” happen. Guys (or gals) sell a few million CD’s and run right out and buy a Ferrari and a mansion. Then they get their $70,000 check. 

Radiohead is free to sell its album directly from its official website because it is no longer tied to a record label. So far the album is only available to pre-order from the website, where it can be downloaded on release on October 10.

The big bucks are in concert tickets, merch, and publishing.  The Grateful Dead were the masters of this. They routinely made more money than most of the biggest rock stars of any given year. A couple really big hit songs don’t hurt either, songs that get played all the time. For example, Sting makes about 2 grand a day for “Every Breath You Take” from the publishing rights.

Record stores are a thing of the past, as will be record labels, downloading is the future. This is a great move by Radiohead, because they get to look magnanimous to their fans, when the reality is, if they tried to distribute and market their new album themselves, it would cost more than they would make.


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Top Ten Influential Albums That Flopped

Posted by bmac on September 14, 2007

From List Universe
1.The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society
2. Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground
3. Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue
4.Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left
5.Wire – Pink Flag
6.My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything
7.Robert Johnson – King Of The Delta Blues
8.Richard & Linda Thompson – I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
9.Iggy & The Stooges – Funhouse
10.Pixies – Surfer Rosa

I don’t know how truly influential these records are, I think these are the typical albums that critics and indie record store types always mention to sound smart. Personally, I’ve only heard the Robert Johnson, and Miles Davis records, and I’ve been a musician for 25 years, so there you go. Am I missing out? Are these others that good?

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Thoughts On Phil Collins/ VH1 “Rock Honors”

Posted by bmac on June 2, 2007

I like to over-analyze things. Most people could watch this stupid show, and just enjoy it for the mindless entertainment it’s supposed to be. But no… not me. I get filled with a seething resentment, due to my massive insecurity, and general disdain for the incessant boot-licking of washed-up pop stars .

A little background, I am an ex-musician, never professional, but played in rock bands for about 25 years. This is key, as it helps explain my bitterness, but I am also a fan of music, which also helps explain my bitterness. And I’m bitter. Very very bitter. A deep black creeping bitterness, a bitterness as…well you get it.

Back to Rock Honors. Today I will be over-analyzing Genesis, and Phil Collins. But mostly Phil Collins, as Genesis, before he took over the reigns, was just a cult prog-rock band that only musicians and record store geeks cared about. Actually, they were pretty good when Peter Gabriel was in the band, and they had a gravitas that Phil Collins immediately set about destroying as soon as those pesky artistic types were gone.

Now, if you weren’t around in the 80’s, or you were, and maybe don’t remember just how HUGE Phil Collins was, It’s almost hard to explain. He was OMNIPRESENT. He was Michael Jackson huge. There just aren’t any stars today to even compare him to. Remember, in Phil’s time, there was no internet, no sattelite radio, hardly anyone even had cable T.V. You basically had terrestial radio, movies, and network T.V. And Phil was on all of it, all the time. For about 4 years.

Genesis put out a record about every year and a half, from ’82 to about ’87, and each one had 3-4 hit songs on it. In those days, 1 album by a superstar band like Genesis, would have “legs”, that is, you would hear the hits from that album relentlessly for a solid year. Now, in between those wonderful Genesis albums, we would get a Phil Collins solo album, which was basically a Genesis album, but Phil didn’t have to share the money with those pesky musicians. Each Phil Collins album had a good 2-3 hits, which we would have to hear relentlessly for a solid year, until the new Genesis album came out. And the cycle repeated, for like 4 years.

Ok, the radio was locked up, all Phil Collins all the time. But that wasn’t enough for Phil. No, not even close. He also had to be on everybody else’s records too, and in their videos. He was in “The Honeydrippers”, he was on Phillip Bailey’s record and video, “Easy Lover.” remember that? he was on Miami Vice, he made a stupid movie, “Buster”, he was the only artist at Live Aid that played Wembley and Philadelphia. Remember? He took the Concord, so the world wouldn’t be deprived of having 5 minutes without Phil Collins. I’m sure a lot of Ethiopians owe their life to him. Like I said, he was OMNIPRESENT.

So here we are, VH1 Rock Honors, to honor Genesis, but really to honor Phil Collins, cause Peter Gabriel, or Steve Hackett were no where in sight. No one really cares about the other 2 dudes, and they didn’t play any of their material from the early years when they were good. We got “the hits” that were part of that horrible cycle I mentioned earlier. I’m sure normal people were able to enjoy it. But not me. Not me. Cause I’m bitter. Very Bitter. Very very bitter. A bitterness that stares blankly from the abyss, lika a….well you get it.

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