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Hi, I’m Still Alive

Posted by bmac on June 20, 2008

Sorry for the light posting, but I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff. Probably get something up later today, as soon as something interesting happens. I hope my absense hasn’t ruined your life, I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Oh, and the check’s in the mail.


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Russert Over Exposure?

Posted by bmac on June 16, 2008

This is an interesting take on the coverage of Tim Russert this weekend, and I have to say I agree with it.

A friend told me Sunday: “I now know more about Tim Russert than I do many members of my family.”

After Russert’s shocking death Friday at age 58, television kept serving up witnesses to his expertise, intelligence, diligence, kindness, faith, love of family, Buffalo and the Buffalo Bills. The self-indulgence was breathtaking.

On Monday’s “Today,” Matt Lauer interviewed Russert’s son, Luke. The show basically gave over the first half-hour to the Russert story. Presidential candidates aren’t questioned at such length on morning programs.

I saw Luke Russert on Today, and while I was really impressed at what an extraordinary young man he was, I thought it was a bit much.

Is the coverage professional? A lot of the comments about Russert should have been saved for the office. NBC should have approached covering Russert as the network would have any other public figure who had died. Hard to do, yes, but that should have been the goal. Instead, Russert’s colleagues used the airwaves to work through their grief. Some people will excuse that style out of sympathy, but that approach just wasn’t right.

Again, I agree, while Russert was a fine journalist, a lot of other important stuff happened this weekend.

Will journalists ask the tough questions of themselves that they ask of others? Not during grief, evidently. Brokaw hinted that Russert had his critics. Could we have heard from them? Well, no. The coverage seemed designed to put Russert on the fast track to sainthood.

Bam. There’s the upshot here, and in particular, my problem with the style of eulogising that has become the standard these days. This is the same mentality that drives people to put up giant memorials on the sites where people (usually unkown to them personally) have died, which I wrote about here.

Or even the coverage of people like Anna Nicole Smith, or Natalie Holloway.

I think in some way, this over-memorialising is a result of the breakdown of the family. People start to feel like the people on TV are their family. In the lack of support they get at home, they find solace in being devastated at someone else’s loss. It obviously fills some vacuum. In this age of more and more single moms and baby-daddies, people need to feel connected to something, a connection they don’t seem to be getting from their families.

Luke Russert seemed to be dealing with this just fine, probably because he has a strong family connection, and lot’s of support, and it speaks highly of his dad.

We should feel sympathy for Russerts’ family, but really, this is not a national tragedy, and it shouldn’t be covered as such.

Tim Russert seemed like a fine man, and his son is proof of how well he raised him, actually handling this in a much more mature way than most of the press. But I wouldn’t say he was an icon, and I found him to be more biased than anyone else on the right seems to have, and in particular, his regular segments on the Today show were p-r-e-t-t-y biased. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great guy personally, but I think he wore his “Meet The Press/Debate” hat, and he wore his “Today/MSNBC” hat equally. That’s just my opinion.

On a personal note, expect to see pretty light blogging here for awhile. Got a lot going on that needs tending to, that’s a lot more important than ranting on the internet, (as much as i enjoy it) and you know…..priorities. Believe it or not, this crap takes a lot of time to produce, since most of my content is original, and I try to make it as interesting as possible, so a single post sucks up about 2 or 3 hours of my day, as well as posting on DPUD, and checking and commenting on all the Moronblogs, and you can begin to see this is starting to take up too much of my time that could be better spent elsewhere, at least right now.

And you know, this shit doesn’t pay.

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Gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Part 2-OMFG!!!!!!!!

Posted by bmac on June 13, 2008

Ted Turner predicted global cannibalism. Now ABC News wants you to shit your pants over global warming.

I guess since we don’t really have to worry about global thermonuclear war anymore, a one degree rise in the Earths temperature will just have to be scary enough.

Are we living in the last century of our civilization? Is it possible that all of our technology, knowledge and wealth cannot save us from ourselves? Could our society actually be heading towards collapse?

Gaaaahhh!!!! OMFG!!!!!

According to many of the world’s top scientists, the answer is yes, unless we take action now.

Now? Like right now? Cause I got a barbeque to go to later.

Experts say that extreme changes in climate, combined with dwindling resources, famine, war and disease have the potential to create a post-apocalyptic world in less than a hundred years. Harvard University and Woods Hole climatologist John Holdrens says we cannot continue going down the same path.

GAAAAAHHHH!!!!! OMFG!!! *furiously putting empty Coke can in recycle bin*

“If we continue on business as usual, we are going to see more floods, more droughts, more heat waves, more wildfires, more ice melting, faster sea level rise,” Holdren said.

So WE control the weather? We can stop floods and droughts, (wait…floods AND droughts?) I wish somebody had told me we controlled the weather before I had to deal with a couple rainy days on my last vacation.

Ok, I’m calming down, we can stop the Apocalypse, it’s within our power to stave off the END OF THE WORLD. I’m feeling a little better, tell me more ABC.

“We really have less than a decade to start getting this right. If we’re still dragging our feet in 2015 I think it really becomes at that point almost impossible for the world to avert a degree of climate change that we simply will not be able to manage without intolerable cost and consequences.”

Gaaaahhhhh!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 2015 people!!! Seven years!!! Seven years to “Start getting it right” or we’re all DOOMED, DOOMED!!!!!!!

Everything that’s ever happened in the history of mankind swings in the balance of the next seven years. All we’ve done, all we’ve created, all we are will CEASE TO EXIST, if we don’t do……… something or other, by 2015. Listen to me now people, if you care at all about the very future of mankind, you better start doing whatever the fuck “getting it right” means, and you better start doing whatever that may be IMMEDIATELY!!

I’m starting now, I’m gonna start “getting it right” this very minute.

Just as soon as I figure out what the fuck that even means.

*Cross posted at DPUD*

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Terrorists Have Rights

Posted by bmac on June 12, 2008

High Court sides with Guantanamo detainees again

It was not immediately clear whether this ruling, unlike the first two, would lead to prompt hearings for the detainees, some of whom have been held more than 6 years. Roughly 270 men remain at the island prison, classified as enemy combatants and held on suspicion of terrorism or links to al-Qaida and the Taliban.

The court said not only that the detainees have rights under the Constitution, but that the system the administration has put in place to classify them as enemy combatants and review those decisions is inadequate.

Oh fuck.

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Hulk Hogan Wants You To Feel Bad For His Family

Posted by bmac on June 11, 2008

Even though they seem to have no compassion whatsoever for the U.S. Soldier Nick Hogan turned into a vegetable.

Poor Nick Hogan. 6 months in jail. 6 whole months of his life of “drifting”, screwing hot chicks, and livin’ off his daddy….gone. And he won’t get it back for, well 6 whole months. What a disaster. What a fucking disaster.

I bet former U.S. Marine John Graziano would be pretty fucking happy to have the kind of problems Nick Hogan does right now, but he’s brain dead.

That doesn’t stop monumental douchebag and selfish crybaby bitch, Hulk Hogan, from whining about how hard this has been on poor Nick, and of course, himself.

“It was like the whole world [was] crashing down on my son,” Hogan explained, at times fighting back tears. “Solitary confinement — most hardened criminals unravel after two or three days. Nick survived in there 28, 29 days. During that period of time, as I’m sitting there, 28 or 29 days, hardly any sleep, I did everything I could, from laugh to cry with my son, to try to tell jokes, to try to be serious, to try to keep him present and aware and walking in the spirit of God and say, be grateful if we get a break. Be grateful if somebody hits us with another slam-dunk, be grateful that we know what is in front of us.

I’d say the whole world crashed down on John Graziano, and not your son, you fucking meatheaded piece of shit. This whole article goes on and on, with Hulk feeling sorry for himself and his useless spawn, and only at the very end, does he even acknowledge Graziano, and even then, he immediately brings it back to himself and his fuckface waste of sperm.

At one point, King asked Hogan if he felt in any way personally responsible for what happened to his son and Graziano, the wrestler said he did.

“It is a constant soul-searching mission,” he said. “We’re to a point with my life and everything that I have — I was almost in a situation where I’m not trying to be a control freak but, knowing what I had at hand with the family, being married 23 years, for everything just to disappear on me, for my wife to file for divorce and the marriage to be broken long before that, and then the accident happened and the civil case, and my son getting put in jail; I just soul-searched, figuring out what could I have done. It’s just hard.”

It just doesn’t get any more self-involved than that.

There’s a guy, a guy who seems to have actually done something with his life and served his country, lying brain dead, while Hulk cries Hulkadile Tears over a very generous 6 month sentence his Hulkaloser asshole son got for essentially killing someone.

They’re also apparently trying to broker some kind of reality TV deal out of all this too, and shame on whoever gives it to them.

They say hardship brings out your true character, and this has shown Hulk Hogan and his familys’ true character to be vapid, self involved, careless monsters.

Good luck buying your talentless daughter a singing career now Hulkster.

Oh wait, that can be something else you want us to weep for you about.

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Spike Lee Is An Insufferable Jackass

Posted by bmac on June 10, 2008

“We’re not on a plantation”

Same ole same ole, Spike. Any criticism of you is tantamount to being a slave owner.

The only reason Spike Lee even has a career, is precisely because he’s black. If a white filmaker made the absolute shit Spike Lee does, his career would have ended around 1989. Hollywood feels obligated to produce films by Spike Lee, because they’re terrified of him, and of being labeled racists.

His answer to everything is racism, even when he’s become a very wealthy man producing awful movies no one wants to see. Let’s take a look at the awesome earning power of a “Spike Lee Joint.”

According to Wiki, he’s made about 20 movies, grossing approximately $366 million. Sounds great right? Well, that’s an average of 18.3 million per film. Lifetime. Including rentals spanning 20 years.

$18.3 million is a disastrous opening weekend for any film that has the level of distribution and budget Spike gets, let alone for lifetime earnings of a film. For a little perspective, let’s look at what just one of Clint Eastwoods films, “Million Dollar Baby” made. $220 million. In a year. That’s the equivalent of twelve Spike Lee films lifetime earnings.

His biggest, all time grossing movie? “inside Man” which grossed $88 million. You know why? Because Denzel Washington was in it. Because of Denzels star power, “Inside Man” doubled Spikes next highest earner, “Malcom X” starring surprise!……Denzel Washington, 16 years ago.

Spikes two (by far) highest grossing films, both star Denzel Washington. Let’s take Denzel out of the picture and see how well Spikes done without him. Without those two films, Spikes remaining 18 films, average about $12.7 million each.

Just in the interest of being thorough, Spikes third highest grossing film? “The Original Kings Of Comedy” ($38 million) which was no doubt carried by the comedians that were in this “concert” film, certainly not the director.

Subtract Spikes films that were carried by the talent on screen, and we’re down to about $11.3 million average for the remaining 17 films.

Not very impressive. Not very impressive at all. I don’t know of any other directors with that bleak of a 20 year record, that still get to make big budget studio films.

If Spike Lee were not black, he would have been run out of Hollywood a long time ago, because business wise, the guy is a total liability. Let’s face it, Spikes getting special treatment, and it’s not because he’s a gifted director.

Unfortunately, he succeeded in baiting Clint Eastwood into promoting his latest box office disaster, but it doesn’t matter, because no one is willing to sit through the incompetent mess that is a Spike Lee Joint. The numbers speak for themselves.

And Hollywood will gladly foot the bill for this douche, who has probably cost people their jobs to cover the expense of losing millions every time he makes a film, while becoming rich for having no discernible talent, or ability to earn.

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Truther/Teacher, Fasting At McCain’s Phoenix Office

Posted by bmac on June 9, 2008

This idiot saw “Loose Change” and completely lost his mind.

Blair Gadsby, the 45-year-old former owner of an adult-care home and an adjunct professor of religious studies at a community college, never figured he would be the type of person to stage a hunger strike outside the Phoenix office of U.S. Sen. John McCain.

But about a year ago, Gadsby convinced himself that the U.S. government, not terrorists, demolished the World Trade Center buildings in New York on Sept. 11, 2001. And that belief has turned him into a fasting activist.

I wonder how this guy got to be 45 years old being this stupid and gullible. I mean, it’s amazing he hasn’t been swindled out of everything he’s ever owned by Infomercials, if a pieced together internet film made by college students could affect him so profoundly. It’s a miracle he hasn’t accidentally stabbed himself in the eye, or drunk drain cleaner. His very existence, the fact that someone can be this dumb and live to be 45, is a testament to how great this country is.

Once he locked in on the idea that the government planned the murder of thousands of its citizens, it became his overriding priority. He wondered why it wasn’t getting more attention, so he got the idea to sacrifice himself for some attention.

It “wasn’t getting enough attention” because it’s retarded jackass.

In May 2007, Gadsby, who was already skeptical that terrorists caused the attacks, found a video online that showed the collapse of World Trade Center 7. He believes the government has ordered media outlets not to show the footage, which shows the building falling in on itself, much like a building does when it implodes.

Truthers love that building 7 don’t they? It’s the keystone of their entire argument, the one thing they all bring up first, because you know, they’re all experts in building demolition. Never mind the fact that people were working in that building, everyday for the last 25 or so years, including 9/11, and no one saw any demo crews setting the massive amount of charges that would be necessary to bring it down.

I live in a city famous for building implosions, Las Vegas. We have an implosion every other day here. As a result, we get extended coverage of these things, and what many people don’t see is the prep that goes into imploding a building, which takes months of nearly round the clock labor. The buildings you see falling to the ground so beautifully, are barely even buildings anymore by the time the massive amount of explosives are detonated. They’re just empty husks, completely gutted, and every support beam is scored, so that it’s barely even standing.

That’s why it’s called “Controlled Demolition.” The building is this close to falling on itself before any charges are set off. Nobody, not even super secret Government Black Ops Teams can quietly sneak around thousands of people everyday for months, completely unnoticed, to prep a building for demo.

The footage clinched it for Gadsby. He had to rethink all he had accepted about the terrorist attacks. He spent sleepless nights thinking about how the government planted explosions in Building 7 and then, most likely, the twin towers.

Dude, get some sleep.

Read the whole thing, it’s classic truther insanity, and I feel sorry for this assholes wife.

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This Is Why People Are Against Gay Marriage

Posted by bmac on June 6, 2008

Lesbians upset because they were asked to stop “making out” at a Seattle Mariners game.

Most of the time, a kiss is just a kiss in the stands at Seattle Mariners games. The crowd hardly even pays attention when fans smooch.

But then last week, a lesbian complained that an usher at Safeco Field asked her to stop kissing her date because it was making another fan uncomfortable.

According to a Mariners press release, they were told they could kiss, but were asked to “Tone it down” not an unreasonable request. The release says the women responded to the simple request like this:

The women refused to modify their behavior, began swearing at the seating hosts and complained that they were being singled out for their sexual orientation,” the club said.

This is one of the women.

This has apparently stirred up OUTRAGE from the gay community, so let’s start with some douche from a group called “Equal Rights Washington”:

Certain individuals have not yet caught up. Those people see a gay or lesbian couple and they stare or say something,” said Josh Friedes of Equal Rights Washington. “This is one of the challenges of being gay. Everyday things can become sources of trauma.”

Trauma? Look you fucking crybabies, has it ever occurred to you selfish assholes, that maybe, just maybe, some people don’t want to have to explain homosexuality to their 8 year-old at a baseball game? You want respect? Have some respect for others.

Homosexuals kissing at a major league baseball game is inappropriate, it’s rude, it’s disruptive and it’s disrespectful, and gay people with any class whatsoever know it. If you can’t be bothered to have even the most basic respect for common civility, for the wishes of the majority of people at a baseball game, then fuck you.

But wait, it still gets even better, when “sex advice” columnist Dan Savage, who writes for one of the Seattle alternative papers has to chime in:

“They (the Mariners) go out of their way to say it’s a quote-unquote family setting,” Savage said. “As a gay season-ticket holder, we’ve never been quite sure what that means exactly. I constantly see people see making out. My son has noticed and asked, `Do they show the ballgame on women’s foreheads?’”

First of all, what the fuck does “gay” have to do with “season ticket holder.” Unless there’s a gay season I don’t know about, you’re either a season ticket holder, or not. Secondly, Mr. Savage knows damn well what a “Family Setting” is, and yes fuckface, there’s a difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals kissing at a major league baseball game and you know it.

You assholes do nothing to further your own cause, or get anyone to feel sympathy for you. It’s precisely this kind of childish, selfish, rude disruptive behavior that puts people off, and then you have the fucking nerve to whine about discrimination.

This is a prime example of why gay marriage is going to be a major problem. Imagine the lawsuits that will be thrown around when a gay married couple wants to make out in ANY “family” setting, and if they are asked to tone it down.

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Posted by bmac on June 5, 2008

Rush Limbaugh made a great point on his show yesterday. He pointed out that for all the “excitement” over Obama, this is a guy that barely squeaked out this nomination. With the whole of the MSM in his corner, Hillary, who for the first time felt the sting of MSM bias, gave him a major run for his money.

I’m sticking to my prediction that Obama will be shellacked in the general. If I’m wrong, and he actually wins, then I say we deserve the Government we get.

I’m amazed at how this country has changed since 9/11. It certainly didn’t go the way I thought it would, I actually believed we would become a more serious, thoughtful, patriotic nation. I thought we’d step back from the insane celebrity worship, silly partisan politics, and general ignorance of the Clinton years, but we’ve plowed ahead in dumbing down at an accelerated pace, and Obama is exhibit A.

If the American people can be sold this lemon, then it’s already too late.

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Vegas Construction Site Claims 6th “Victim”

Posted by bmac on June 3, 2008

The MGM’s City Center, is about a mile and a half from my house.

The sixth on-site death occurred Saturday, and the unions are going on strike. Check out the spin from the local CBS affiliate:

Since construction on CityCenter began, six men have died. The latest, 39-year-old Dustin Tarter, a crane worker, was killed Saturday. He is the latest victim who perished on the grounds.

“He is the latest VICTIM.”

Victim? I have sympathy for Dustin Tarters family, but if he was a victim, he was a victim of the unions.

I know a little something about this stuff, because I was in construction, and I worked on a lot of the hotels here in Vegas, and I can tell you this: When you build something of this magnitude (the City Center is HUGE) people are going to die. I don’t care how many safety regulations are in place.

This thing is a gargantuan undertaking. It dwarfs the Bellagio on it’s left, and the Monte Carlo on it’s right.

Let me tell you something else about construction in this town. A 5000 room hotel that in any other city would take 5 years to build, goes from groundbreaking to opening in under 2 here. The problem isn’t safety regulations, it’s working the limited amount of skilled union workers literally to death.

Here would be the usual scenario: Our foreman would come to us at about 2:30 in the afternoon, (we usually got off at 3:00) and inform us that starting today, we’re all working 7 day 12 hour shifts, usually for at least six months, until the hotel is open, so call your wives, and if you don’t like it, leave the job site right now and don’t come back. This is how Union Shops typically treat their Oh-So-Precious workers, and when people start to get hurt, it must be a “safety” problem.

All the OSHA regulations in the world mean exactly dick when you’re on your 180th consecutive twelve hour day, and begin seeing double, talking in gibberish, and praying for death, just so you don’t have to drag your ass out of bed again.

Many guys, (I was never one of them) turn to Meth, just to get through another grueling day, which usually ends badly. If they’re unfortunate enough to have a small accident, they get drug tested, and they’re gone, which means all the other over worked guys have to pick up their slack, and you can begin to see why people start dying on big construction sites.

OSHA then comes in and imposes ridiculous fucking baby rules, that do nothing but slow down the entire process, creating more bullshit for every exhausted guy to deal with, and taking away precious time from an already behind job, that WILL BE completed by the projected opening date NO MATTER WHAT.

The only people to blame here are the greedy fucking asshole unions, who take your money while they work you into an early grave, all while pretending to be on your side, and blaming “Safety Issues” for their slave like working “ethics.”

That’s why I’m no longer in construction, but sadly enough, many of the incredibly skilled union workers are brainwashed into loyalty to these dirtbag motherfuckers that only care about collecting dues from them as they get injured or killed, or lose their families from drug use fueled by being overworked.

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