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GOP Voters Uninspired By Candidates (NYT)

Posted by bmac on December 11, 2007

None of the Republican candidates is viewed favorably by even half of the Republican electorate, the poll found. In a sign of the fluidity of the race, one candidate who had barely registered in early polls several months ago, Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, is now locked in a tight contest nationally with Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

Yes, we’re uninspired. We’re uninspired because there are no longer any Real Republican candidates to choose from. Republicans have morphed into JFK Democrats. There are no Republicans that reflect my views, or the views of the vast majority of Republicans, at least in my opinion.  A Reagan Republican would fire up the base like you wouldn’t believe, but that animal is extint in Washington. Gone, apparently for good. We have to settle. It’s hard to get excited about settling.

It’s easy for Democrats, they’ll take anything with a D, without complaining.

Democratic voters, on the whole, view their candidates considerably more favorably than Republican voters do, and are much more optimistic about their prospects next November. 

 Republicans actually care about who they’re voting for, but our choices are a matter of how much we’re willing to compromise, and I’m getting tired of compromising, especially when I know a conservative, a real conservative, would be a uniter, and is desperately needed, and contrary to what the beltway thinks, wanted, in this country right now.

At the end of the day, we have to vote against a Democrat, instead of for a Republican, and really, what’s the point of that? It’s still a loss for Republicans, and further dilutes the party until there is no Republican party, just slightly different shades of Democrats.

Here’s the story.

5 Responses to “GOP Voters Uninspired By Candidates (NYT)”

  1. Enas Yorl said

    Aw, come on – what about Fred! Him aside, the others are not too inspiring, I’ll agree. Huckabee is downright dangerous and I don’t think I’ll vote for him in the general election. What the hell did they put in the water in Iowa?

  2. bmac said

    I like Fred, but until he shows me his heart is in it, I can’t take him seriously. The guy is sleepwalking through his campaign.
    If you want me to be excited, ummm….be excited!

  3. nicedeb said

    I don’t get it, myself.

    It seems like the Evangelicals are going for Huck because of his background as a Minister. But they’re not putting much more thought into it.

  4. bmac said

    Deb, it seems so obvious to me, a strong conservative, a Reagan conservative, could really unite the party, get people excited, get elected in a landslide, and begin a turnaround that could only be good for everybody.
    Why can’t we have that option?

  5. Rosetta said

    I actually think this kind of candidate slate is more typical and the Reagans of the world are few and far between.

    My take is that we vote for the candidate most likely to win and then spend the next 4 years beating the crap out of him to act like a real conservative.

    As you know, you go into an election with the candidates you have. They’re not the candidates you might want or wish to have at a later time.

    I should trademark that comment.

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