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NBC, Omaha Thanks You

Posted by bmac on December 6, 2007

Reports are still sketchy about the kid who shot up the mall in Omaha, but a picture is beginning to emerge:

Maruca said she found a suicide note left by Hawkins that said he would not be a burden on his family any more, and “now I’ll be famous.”

Last spring after the VT shootings, when NBC decided to air the “Promo Pack” they got from the shooter, it was obvious they were probably going to inspire copycats, and now it seems, we may have our first one.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that the gunman had a military-style haircut and a black backpack, and wore a camouflage vest.

A little different than the picture on Drudge. It seems this kid got his “look” together before he tried his hand at celebrity, possibly inspired by the VT shooter. I wonder if he mailed a promo pack to a media outlet? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Had NBC left it alone, and not aired what the VT shooter wanted them to, the image we have of him would be the dorky loser he was, instead of the image that it seems the kid in Omaha was going for.

Thanks to NBC’s decision to whore for ratings, I’d bet there’s quite a few angry, angst ridden, mentally unstable kids that want to “go out in style.”

I hope those ratings were worth it NBC.

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End Of An Era

Posted by bmac on November 30, 2007

Evel Knievel dies.  


I grew up on Evel Knievel, had all the toys and everything. Must’ve watched the George Hamilton movie a hundred times. 

He was one tough, cocky, Son of a Bitch.

He was a great American.

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