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Attn: George Clooney Is Speaking

Posted by bmac on June 27, 2008

Hey actors, listen up!

In a two-page letter released Thursday, Clooney adopted a neutral stance in the dispute between the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Screen Actors Guild.

“A two page letter.” How much did his last movie lose? If he’s gonna write a two page letter, it should be an apology for his career.

In the “Hatfield and McCoy” war between Sag and Aftra, George Clooney shows us his “mad diplomacy skillz”, and why even though he can’t give away tickets to his own films, or make money for anyone, or show any reason whatsoever why he has a careeer at all, he’s the “go to guy” for advice to actors who actually make movies people want to see.

Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and others have joined hundreds of actors in signing an online petition urging actors to ratify the AFTRA pact.

Meanwhile, Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen and Holly Hunter have endorsed a SAG ad calling for AFTRA to return to the negotiating table to get a better deal.

Clooney called the fight counterproductive.

“Because the one thing you can be sure of is that stories about Jack Nicholson vs. Tom Hanks only strengthens the negotiating power” of the studios, he said.

Clooney also called on higher-paid actors to chip in a greater share of union dues and for 10 A-listers — “people that the studio heads don’t often say ‘no’ to,” he suggested, listing only Nicholson and Hanks by name — to sit down with studio heads once a year to “adjust the pay for actors.”

Ha! Easy for him to ask the higher paid actors to cough up more union dues, he’s not one of them. His socialist tendencies are showing. What a pompous, fucking blowhard. I bet Carrot Top is in a higher tax bracket than Clooney. Seriously, that red headed freak sells out his theatre in Vegas every single night. At the very least, Carrot Top is financially viable, which is more than anyone can say about Clooney, who’s career is effectively over after his last box office debacle, and he’s already played his “Tarrantino Card.”

I bet Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for word from Mt. Clooney, to sagely tell them how to run their careers.

5 Responses to “Attn: George Clooney Is Speaking”

  1. They go to Carrot Top shows because they’re scared he’ll smash their skulls in during a ‘roid rage.

  2. Stormy70 said

    George Clooney is the king of douchebags.

    He believes his own press.

  3. Stormy70 said

    George Clooney is the king of douchebags.

    He believes his own press.

  4. cranky said

    So bmac, you’re saying George Clooney isn’t doing real well at the box office? Really? That’s a shame. Really. Bwahahahahaha. A shame.


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