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Kevin Smith On “Superman”

Posted by bmac on November 21, 2007

This is old, but I don’t want to post on politics till after Thanksgiving.

I think Kevin Smith is a horrible writer, horrible. His dialogue is some of the worst, most cringe inducing, awkward, un-natural dialogue ever committed to film. Nobody talks like Smith’s characters in real life. Nobody. I do like “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” just for silly entertainment, but for the most part, his movies are…..not great.

Which is weird, because he is an incredibly gifted storyteller when he does these Q&A’s at colleges. This is a classic from “An Evening With Kevin Smith,” in which he talks  about his experience developing a script for a Superman movie in the mid 90’s. Really funny stuff. It’s long, but incredibly entertaining. I have no idea why there are Spanish subtitles.

I understand his script for Superman sucked. In fact, if you give a crap,  Here it is. 

I like Kevin Smith. He seems like a cool guy, he always hooks up his buddies, comes across as really humble, likes comic books, all that stuff. I just wish he wrote better movies. Or let someone else write the dialogue, which I understand he thinks is brilliant.

6 Responses to “Kevin Smith On “Superman””

  1. Enas Yorl said

    The whole thing about the spider was hilarious. He also did some a documentary thing for Prince some years back that he talked about in a forum like this – also absolutely hilarious. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his movies except “Clerks”.

  2. bmac said

    The Prince thing was on this same DVD. If he could write movies like he talks, they would be great.

  3. Rosetta said

    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving bmac.

  4. bmac said

    Thanks Rosetta, you too.

  5. mesablue said

    Heh, I thought the dialogue in the original Clerks was great. The remake, not so much.

    I saw the video of the Prince story as well, funny stuff. There is another video out there where he takes down some guy at a show who tries to heckle him.

  6. bmac said

    How long since you’ve seen Clerks?
    Watch it again, and tell me anybody talks like that, aside from the bad acting that is.
    His dialogue is like funny on paper, but cringe worthy coming out of someones mouth.

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