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Republican Party? What Republican Party?

Posted by bmac on January 9, 2008

Is the Republican Party dead? When Republicans are willing to cast a vote for Barack Obama in an election year that should have been an easy coast to victory, I’d say yes. The staggering incompetence of the RNC to unite a base that is frankly, pretty easy to unite, just boggles my mind.

Guns, God, Borders, National Security. Pretty simple. How have they managed to fuck this up so bad? How do we fix it? Is it fixable? I get the distinct impression Republican politicians DO NOT CARE that their base is in disarray. Most sitting Senators and Congressman aren’t going anywhere for the next four years, so maybe that’s it. They just don’t seem to fear losing seats.

Maybe they want to lose, and have a Dem President take us to CarterLand so they can ride in on a white horse in 2012 and save us. What a weird election year, both parties are trying to lose. Dems put up unelectable candidates, and Republicans put up base splitting candidates that are so bad, we’re willing to sleep with the enemy. The most powerful job in the world is up for grabs and nobody wants it. Well, Hillary wants it, but she’ll never get it. 

While both parties go out of their way to lose the Presidency, either way, we all lose. If a Dem gets the Hot Potato, we’ll surely go into a four year nightmare of Carter-like proportions. If a Repub gets it, we can kiss the borders goodbye, and the already on-the-ropes party will be utterly destroyed by four more years of MSM and Dem whining, even though whoever the winner is will be even more liberal than Bush, and most of us will be so fed up with pseudo Republicans that I see a mass ship-jumping to Independent.

Basically, we are all gonna be sacrificed for the next four years on the altar of “look how bad they are.” My opinion is, nobody really wants the first post-Bush Presidency, and we’re going to pay the price.

Maybe I’m wrong, and all our politicians have simply become such elitists, that they’re completely disengaged with the American people, and what they want, and that goes for both parties. Or, the Republican Party has decided to use the next four years to rebuild, at our expense of course.

I just don’t know anymore.

H/T NiceDeb and Cuffy

5 Responses to “Republican Party? What Republican Party?”

  1. eddiebear said

    As much as I dislike Huck, I hope his SCOTUS picks are better than Obama.

    But in the other hand, I do get a kick out of how for the last 12 months, the Fundies were threatening to torpedo a Rudy candidacy if he got the nomination. But now that Huck is gaining steam, they don’t want the anti-Huck forces to torpedo him.

  2. Rosetta said

    I am sometimes afraid of what you fear. The only thing that gives me hope is that politics isn’t linear.

    Right now the Dems look more or less invincible and we look like like a sheltered workshop for presidential candidates. But that pendulum has GOT to swing our way at some point.


  3. bmac said

    I hope so Rosetta, I really do.

  4. nicedeb said

    I think once people get to have a closer look at the candidate’s, and not just the vague platitudes they (the Dems) are spouting, things will start shifting our way.

    But we have to have a Republican candidate with strong conservative principles. These Repubs with pro amnesty, tax hike, pardoning of felons, and flip flopping histories are going to be vulnerable when we try to slam the Dems for the very same things.

    Fred’s the only one.

  5. bmac said

    Fred is the only one.
    When do you think he’ll announce his candicacy?

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