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Jericho Cancelled Again, Good Riddence

Posted by bmac on March 26, 2008

I really liked the first season of Jericho. With a small town in Kansas trying to survive after a mysterious nuclear attack against the United States, it had a conservative bent to it that was a breath of fresh air. It of course got cancelled, and when fans of the show sent thousands of bags of peanuts to CBS in protest, they resurrected it for a second season.


Unfortunately, the second season did a 180, and became a moonbatty, very thinly veiled, paranoid liberal indictment of Haliburton, in which the fictional company “Jennings and Rall” turn out to be the conspirators in the nuclear attack on America in order to seize power.

Gee thanks CBS, for turning what could have been a great show into a Kos-worthy liberal wank-fest. I have no doubt the people who saved it in the first place were overwhelmingly Republican, but CBS is apparently not aware Republicans actually exist, and responded to their core fans by turning the show into a steaming pile of liberal shit.


9 Responses to “Jericho Cancelled Again, Good Riddence”

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  2. Nigel said

    Ah Jericho…we hardly knew ye…

    What a dumb show. I was suckered at the beginning. I have a thing for the dark terror-filled mystique of a nuclear holocost (I own The Day After).

    At first the show was intriguing…like for 45 minutes. But then the story line got weird (people having affairs and other romantic stuff). It was just too dumb…

  3. cranky said

    I liked the premise of the show. Weird way to end unless it comes back on a cable network. I think SciFi was doing a Jericho marathon a week or two ago.

    But I would agree that the idea of the US government making a nuclear attack on the US is just stupid. You can’t get people at State of the CIA to shut up about anything. A plot like this is going to remain secret. Yeah, right.

    How’s the dogs?

  4. bmac said

    The dogs are excellent Cranky, thanks for asking.
    Got some pics up in the next post.

    How’s your poochies doin’?

  5. Nigel said

    the US government making a nuclear attack on the US…

    So that was the black guy’s secret?

    I am so glad I got out of that show. I’ll stick to ESPN, Fox News and South Park from now on…

  6. bmac said

    Well, technically, the attack was generated by the “Jennings and Rall” (Haliburton) company, headed up by a very Dick Cheney type of character, and made to look like the Chinese and North Koreans did it. The U.S. government then split into two factions….blah blah blah…..

    The first season made no references to Jennings and Rall, so it was obvious CBS made a concious decision to turn season two into a “see what happens when war-mongers like Haliburton and Dick Cheney have too much power?” kind of liberal scare tactic.

  7. Aurvant said


    Aurvant here. Working on a new project over at A World of Epic Fail, so if you see my trackbacks to many of your stories its because they’re awesome. 😛

    Add the new blog if you want, but I just wanted to let you know where the tracks were coming from.

  8. bmac said

    Hey Aurvant!
    I was looking in vain for an “about” page over there!

    Being a bit of a glass half empty kinda guy, I really like the “Epic Fail” idea you’ve got going on there.

    I’ll definetly add it to the blogroll.

  9. ovetel said


    […]Jericho Cancelled Again, Good Riddence « A Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever[…]…

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