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You Cannot be Serious

Posted by bmac on June 25, 2007

How low have we sunk as a country, that we could seriously consider any one of these 3 to be The President Of The United States?

Hillary:clinton1.jpg  Aside from the fact that she’s pretty much a full-blown socialist, and her dubious history, she has no redeeming quality that I can find. Just on the likability scale alone she’s a zero. As much as I loathe her husband’s politics, he has a likability that is undeniable. She, on the other hand, is a shreiky, shrill, pandering harpie. I can only hope that even the most liberal democrat men can get in touch with their masculine side, and think about what it will be like to listen to that shrilly voice yelling at them for 4 years.

Obama:obama1.jpg   Overlooking his stunning lack of accomplishments, 6 years after 9-11, and the Iraq war still going, are we really ready for a POTUS named Barack Hussein Obama?His last name is one letter off of the most wanted terrorist in the world, his middle name is exactly the same as one of the most despised dictators in modern times, and I don’t know what the hell a Barack is. I don’t care if he’s Ronald Reagan reincarnated, I never want to hear the words “Ladies and gentleman, The President Of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama!”Also…he’s black. Could be a problem. He is a smoker though, I like that.

Edwards: edwards1.jpg  Next to Hillary, the most disingenuous politician I’ve ever seen. I’ve said it before, I don’t know how anyone could vote for that guy, and not feel dirty.

These are the Front runners. One of these 3 will be the Democratic nominee for President. That’s the best the dems have to offer. And one of them has a very good chance of winning.

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