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“Judge” Suspended With Pay

Posted by bmac on August 16, 2007


This is a Judge in Las Vegas, that was recently suspended with pay, $130,000/ year.

Some of the allegations against her include:

Asking a bailiff to kill her husband.

Making aides rub her feet.

Regularly sleeping in court.

Dining with jurors, during a case.

Being abusive to staff. And a host of other nonsense. Obviously, this woman is obese, in fact, she can’t walk, and has oxygen tubes up her nose at all times. But of course we can’t hold that against her, and here is the obligatory PC piece in the local paper pointing out that her weight is irrelevant.
Uhh..I think it is relevant. Being morbidly obese speaks directly to your character as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t make the proper judgement on weather or not to have another twinkie, am I supposed to trust you’ll make the proper judgement as may regard something important? I’m just glad they ferreted out this nightmare before she could do any major damage. She only began her tenure as a judge in January.
This is the problem with electing judges. If you’re not directly involved in the legal/court system, how are you supposed to know anything about these people? Most responsible people don’t have the time to research that stuff. I for one, won’t cast a vote if I don’t know anything about that person, and that’s how people like this get elected. Maybe we need a new system.

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